RESULTS = Testimonials

I’ve received 100s of testimonials over the years.

Here are some….

The questions are as follows:

  1. Did you find me professional?
  2. Did you feel I had your best interests at heart, above all else?
  3. Did I return your calls promptly?
  4. Did I make myself available to you?
  5. Did I work within your schedule?
  6. Did I answer all of your questions to your satisfaction?
  7. How would you rate my overall service? (response choices are: Poor, Okay, Great)
  8. How comfortable would you feel referring a friend or family member in need of an agent, to me? (response choices are: Not at all, Mildly Comfortable, Very Comfortable.)
  9. If asked by a friend or family member, how would you describe the service you received from me? Please be as detailed as possible.

Everyone who returned the Surveys answered YES to all questions, and Great (#7), and Very Comfortable (#8)  to the last 2 questions. 


May 1, 2021

Marilyn is a respected, real pro who knows the Alameda market. She was the perfect realtor for me to work with during these challenging times.  Communication was essential and she always made sure we were both on the same page. She knew what needed to be done to prepare my condo for sale and then guided me through the multiple, multiple layers of paperwork that needed to be understood and signed. Since I was living in San Francisco, Docyou Sign was invaluable! The transactions were harmonious and the condo sold very quickly. And when it came time to have a mobile notary come to my residence in San Francisco for the final signing, Marilyn came as well to answer any questions and to make sure I was signing the correct documents. I couldn’t be more grateful. Colette Collester


November 23, 2020

To current (and future) Alameda Homeowners,

Let me tell you how much we enjoy and appreciate working with Marilyn Schumacher. We have happily worked with Marilyn on 3 transactions over the last 10 years. Throughout these transactions, we have always appreciated (and relied on) her professionalism, knowledge of Alameda, insights, and relationships to make the entire process smooth and timely.

Marilyn is very professional and also very personable, a combination that is really effective. The first time that we met Marilyn she sat down and really listened to what we wanted and needed. She then devised a strategy for helping us achieve those goals. Every time we worked with her, she really listened to us at the beginning to ensure that she was focusing on what was important to us. She also knows what needs to get done, and when it needs to happen, and she communicates effectively with us to make sure we have everything ready when we need it.

Marilyn KNOWS Alameda. She has been a resident and a Realtor in town for decades, and that knowledge and insight shows. Her understanding of the peculiarities of this town is extensive. She knows the neighborhoods, the building types, and the history. All of that together leads to insights about specific properties and neighborhoods, as well as great insight into potential benefits and pitfalls. She also is thoroughly aware of the laws and codes that are unique to the city that can impact any real estate transaction. We were always well briefed on the potential issues that may arise from these legal points, and were prepared when some of them did.

Most importantly, Marilyn knows the people of Alameda. The relationships that she has built over the years helped us during the transactions, as well as during the time living in the properties. When preparing for sale, Marilyn has a slew of trusted contractors to help get your property prepared. During the sale process, Marilyn has an effective and efficient crew that manages the paperwork and process from beginning to end. My favorite part is that even after the sale, Marilyn is always there for you with her impressive database of contractors and vendors. Whenever we needed work to be done, Marilyn was always ready to respond to an email with a selection of trusted vendors and helpful advice.

We hope your experience with Marilyn is as fabulous as ours has been.

Darren, Suki, & Sadie Mozenter


September 22, 2020

Marilyn is an outstanding and remarkable Realtor not to mention a wonderful woman! She makes it her business to know her clients and their needs and desires. I’ve worked with her since the late 80s when buying or selling property. I use her as a resource for all things needed for home repairs. Her referrals to reliable and reputable contractors is always the best. If you want the best realtor let Marilyn be your go to person!



July 22, 2019

This came from a client, who was a Successor Trustee for 3 properties.

Dear Marilyn,

I want to thank you again for the incredible job that you did selling the three Alameda properties owned by the estate for which I am executor.  As you well know, shortly after assuming the role of executor, a situation in my own family arose which prohibited me from traveling to Alameda to prepare the properties for sale.  This was particularly troublesome because two of the properties were suffering from decades of neglect and needed tremendous amounts of work–from toxic mold removal to major electrical work.

And you had to do it all!  When I hired you, two of the private residences were still filled with my deceased friend’s possessions.  You met family members at the house to pick up sentimental items, met with charities to pick up items of value, and met with junk haulers to take away the rest.  You even jump-started a non-running automobile and took it to the dealer for repair and sale!  Before the properties could be placed on the market you obtained estimates and oversaw the work of the hazmat removal contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, gardeners, sewer line replacers, stagers, cleaners, and photographers.  Your years of experience in Alameda told you exactly whom to call for each project so that the work was completed quickly and professionally, even during a time period when most contractors were already booked far out into the future.

And you did it all so cheerfully!  Need I remind you of the Friday night when EBMUD errantly turned off the water to the rental units?  The confusion was quickly resolved, but EBMUD said they could not send someone to turn the water back on until Monday.  Seven renters would be without water all weekend.  So you headed over with your own tools to turn it on, chuckling about the whole adventure!

When the properties were finally ready to sell, you did an outstanding job marketing them, with beautiful photographs, well-written descriptions, and detailed histories of each property.  After the offers were received, you prepared a very readable side-by-side comparison of the offers and the various contingencies, then talked me through the pluses and minuses of each offer.  Once an offer was accepted, you ensured that the title company received everything they needed to facilitate a timely close.

And those two properties suffering from decades of neglect?  Thanks to your efforts, they sold for an average of 23% above the appraised value.

Finally, I need to praise you for your knowledge of state and local rental laws, especially Alameda’s rent control ordinances.  One of the properties contained rental units, for which I was now the de facto landlord—a role I had never played.  You advised me on my responsibilities and the restrictions imposed by governmental policies.  Repairs to this building required workmen to enter the rental units.  You ensured that all laws were followed—phoning the tenants, posting 24-hour notices on their doors, and keeping them apprised of progress.  Your conscientiousness protected me from tenant complaints and financial penalties.  And open houses in the rental units required special attention and oversight so that the tenants did not need to worry about their possessions being stolen.  You had to ask a lot of the tenants, and yet when I called to wish them well once their property had been sold, they all had nothing but praise for you and told me how pleasant it was to work with you.

I could not agree more!  You were wonderful to work with on all three properties, and because of you the beneficiaries of the estate are receiving a lot more money a lot more quickly than they otherwise would have.  You not only preserved but enhanced the family’s financial legacy.  They, and I, owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude!  Thank you for all you did!

With Much Affection,

Paul Shankwiler


April 22, 2019

Marilyn is a true professional. She knows the market with its current trends and gives good direction when decisions are a must. I would use her as my representative again. I have already used her expertise in both buying and selling on several occasions.

Nancy Stiner



March 1, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

Good news to share!

Just days ago, we sold our Alameda townhome, which for us is certainly good news! But our own good news goes far beyond the selling of a home.

Marilyn Schumacher, our Realtor, is the actual “good news behind the news.” We first met Marilyn almost 15 years ago, when we downsized from a large San Leandro family home. Marilyn was highly recommended to us by a network of Alameda friends, all who had purchased their homes through Marilyn. Based on their positive recommendations, Marilyn became our Realtor. Upon first meeting her, we were impressed and pleased with the quality of service Marilyn provided. We were not to be disappointed, as her skill and knowledge became more and more evident as our working relationship continued. So, in late 2018, when we decided to make a next move we immediately contacted Marilyn.

In real estate (as in most businesses), there is a spectrum of qualified people, ranging from poor to mediocre to excellent. In making comparisons and in hearing the stories of others over the years, we’ve concluded that Marilyn is beyond excellent; she is outstanding in the field! Her expertise is evidenced in the sheer number of successful sales transactions she has maintained and exceeded over many years. Marilyn knows real estate…inside and out. She consistently keeps abreast of the market, and all trends related to it. Marilyn’s reputation among her colleagues and peers speaks for itself. The mention of her name is cause for respect and admiration; the obvious outcome is that Marilyn is trusted by all have worked with her, both clients and co-workers. She is thoroughly professional in her work. It is evident to us, that Marilyn’s goal is to do what is best and most beneficial for her clients. And as her clients, we have the utmost trust in Marilyn. Her suggestions and advice have proven to be reliable and based on correct information.

In a nutshell: we are thankful and grateful to Marilyn! In addition to her being our “go to Realtor”, we consider her a treasured friend!

So, that is our good news to share! It’s simply too good to keep to ourselves!

Warmly, Jim and Mary Gotelli


March 10, 2018

Richard Skrinde
2047 Lincoln Ave.
Alameda Ca, 94501

March 10, 2018
Ms. Marilyn Schumacher
Fusion Real Estate Network
1300 National Dr.
Sacramento, CA 94834

Tel: (510) 908-9021

RE: Results of 2047 Lincoln Ave Staging Services.

Dear Marilyn,
As you might remember, 2047 Lincoln Ave. was a very challenging property to stage and sell. The property was a 1916, one bedroom, one bath bungalow of less than 900 sq. ft. It was located on a busy street, next door to a low-income apartment house and across the street from a school. Due to unfortunate circumstances, for several years the property was not able to bring in any income, making the rehab effort and the cost that much more of a financial risk. Your ceaseless commitment to excellence, wisdom, guidance and counsel made all the difference in the success of year-long rehab and then the sales undertaking. I will never forget you coming to the property for critical events such as photo shoots or open houses. Things were never ready, you always got it done, and only yelled at me far less than I deserved.
The proof being in the pudding, an offer was received after only one week on the market. The sales price was an unbelievable nearly one thousand dollars per square foot.
Thank you so much! I could not be more pleased.
Richard Skrinde

(This was the second home I’ve sold for Richard and his wife. The other was on Marina Drive in Alameda, looking onto the estuary, with a boathouse, and a classic yacht that could be hoisted out of the water, thus being protected from the elements.) But that yacht was not included in the sale.


January 21, 2018
Dear Marilyn,
     Early this morning I was reading on the couch and I glanced over at the long low window in the dining room.  I could see the early morning sun on the estuary.  Beautiful.  When I got my coffee, I enjoyed another beautiful sunrise out the kitchen window.  I embrace the full circle feeling of enjoying sunsets in Michigan and now sunrises in Alameda. The continuum of life.  I am grateful to you every day.
Joanne Bruun
August 10, 2016
Hi Marilyn,
We had Hazim come over yesterday and do some work for us.  He was excellent!   He arrived on time ( we actually got him the same day we called), knew what he was doing, and left everything clean and tidy.  Thank you so much for the referral.
Jim and Mary
(I listed and sold their home for them in San Leandro, and then helped them buy a home in Alameda, several years ago.)


July 26, 2016


Just wanted to let you that the locksmith you recommended to repair my ancient front door lock was an expert on old locks.  He took the lock apart, showed me the problem and was able to make the necessary repairs to get the lock back in great working order.

No matter what I have needed, you have always been there.  Buying or selling property, I have had the feeling you definitely work for your clients.  You are also a great source of information for maintenance and property repairs.

Thank you for being such a great part of Alameda’s community.

JoAnn Stewart

(I listed and sold an investment property for her a few years ago.)


July 23, 2016

Marilyn helped us purchase our current home almost 15 years ago. I still maintain contact with Marilyn….she always has the best resources for contractors, plumbers, painters, carpet, and all vendors that you need to know to maintain your home. This has been very valuable to us.

Meredith Owens


July 21, 2016

Marilyn sold me a home in 1994.  In 2002, she sold that home and sold me another home that I still own.  Not only is Marilyn the best and most knowledgeable Realtor, I have always been able to turn to her for possible vendors referrals all these years.  If I need a vendor, I contact Marilyn first.  Her service does not stop with the closing of a sale.  She is always there for you.

Nancy Wineman


July 9, 2016

The service rendered to us was totally “Outstanding”. You were upfront, open, honest, and most all you were always on TIME and DELIVERED. I’ve also told friends how the house sold in 7 days~7 days! Thank you very very much, and may your faith be with you always. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Clifford Hui Hui and Ann Simon (Listing – Closed on 1709 Lafayette St.  April, 2016)

(These folks were the buyers when I had it listed 20 years ago. I stayed in touch with them, unlike the agent who represented them in their purchase). 


All is well. Everyday I discover another thing I LOVE about this beautiful place.

With love and gratitude, Joanne Bruun


April 25, 2016

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you so much again for the special services you provided to us yesterday and throughout this complex process in 30 days. You managed to get us near Matt and Katie in a wonderful place. Hope to see you as we get settled in our new surroundings.

Bob Bruun


March , 2016

Thank you Marilyn for your words of wisdom and for being such a wonderful partner in this life change for my mom. She (we) could not have done it without you! With much appreciation –

Dianne Yamashiro-Omi

(see below, from her mom, Kei)


March 11, 2016

I have lots of respect for Marilyn Schumacher. She is very professional. Her services were great.

Kei Yamashiro (Listing – Closed on 216 Indian Bay, Alameda,   

(I’m so grateful about my history with Kei, and her late husband, Al. We did 6 transactions together, over several years, with these clients acting as both as Buyers and Sellers.)


August 15, 2015

Dear Marilyn,

We’re sorry it has taken us so long to write these words to you. I just read the letter you recently mailed out and was so moved by the story of your life. We cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance in buying 1330 Broadway. We moved in last night and are all of us so completely thrilled by its history and beauty.

You were so very kind to us from the very first connection before it was even listed- and your positive and generous spirit flowed through every interaction we had with you. Please know how happy you have helped to make our family and how much we appreciate all of your efforts. We wish you much continued success! In gratitude and warmth,  Yvonne and Mustafa

(I’m so grateful to get letters from folks I haven’t even represented…they obviously wrote the best offer and terms and were able to get their home in during a highly competitive multiple offer situation.)


August 14, 2015


Von Locke, LLC  (Listing – Closed on 909 Oak Street, Alameda)


June 10, 2015

Superb! On a scale of 1-5,  a 7 or better!

Sharon Schainker  (Purchase – Closed on 45 Stone Harbor, Alameda)


May 29, 2015


Virginia Kaiser and David Kaiser

Listing – Closed on 1015 Peach St, Alameda

(I sold this house to Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser. David, the son, moved home after Mr. Kaiser passed on. When it came time to sell the property, they called me because I stayed in touch with them over the years.)


March 21, 2015

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you so very much for taking care of us with the sale of our house. If there is an award such as an Oscar for the best Realtor in the world; you should be nominated and have this award.

This goes back to 1988 when I first came to the USA and you were the only one that was willing to work with us as a buyer. Your direction and advice to a first time buyer made it all possible for an inexperienced buyer to purchase their first home. I never could forget that and the kindness you had shown me back then. My first thought when we were relocated to Colorado Springs in such a short period of time and having to put our house on the market was Marilyn Schumacher; I will only have her as my Realtor and no one else.

I was so glad to find you again; thank God for your blog. I thought I had lost you. You are the only Realtor that I would trust with the sale of our house when we were so many miles away. You have never let us down; your persistence and care and kindness is beyond words. Thank you, thank you again Marilyn.

Our sale with all the complications caused by the buyer’s inexperience would not have gone so well if it was not for you. And with miles apart, you removed all the stress of worrying if things were going to be done. You stayed on top of it all and never missed a beat; nothing fell through the cracks because of your due diligence, thoughtfulness and sincere care for your clients.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for making it so easy and less stressful for us. Marilyn you are THE BEST and I will recommend you to many of our neighbors and anyone who ask who should I go to when I would like to sell my house.

From the bottom of my heart; thank you so much and God bless you.

Michael and Agnes Bergez
Listing Closed on 1071 Camino del Valle Feb 2015


February, 2015

We had the pleasure of working with Marilyn while looking for and buying an Alameda home in the fall of 2014. Having someone that really knew the island, not to mention just about everyone on it, was a big help. She was always professional and prompt in our interactions, which was important in the competitive market we faced. Referrals are everything in the real estate business and Marilyn was referred by a good friend. With this being our first home the referral was one of the best pieces of advice we’ve received. Our buying experience couldn’t have been better.

Thanks for everything,

Closed 2837 San Jose (purchase) in Nov 2014


January, 2015

Marilyn was amazing to work with on the recent purchase of our home at 1204 Bay Street. She was extremely patient with us as we toured different houses in our search for our “forever” home. Her extensive knowledge of the Alameda market, local neighborhoods, real estate values and history was invaluable. We completely trusted her and her judgment as we searched for the best place for our family. She was also an invaluable asset during the negotiations and closing, helping us to come to terms with the sellers and to quickly line up inspectors and technicians as needed. She was always accessible to us, always took the time necessary to make sure we felt comfortable and that our questions were answered, and never seemed rushed. Even more amazing is that she continues to make sure our needs are being met even AFTER the transaction has closed. She has impeccable ethics, makes a personal connection with her clients and delivers solid results. We would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone looking to either buy or sell a home. Thank you again for helping us find our forever home. We couldn’t be happier!

Matthew Morgan; Samantha Morgan
Closed 1204 Bay Street (purchase) May, 2014


January, 2015

I will always feel grateful to Marilyn for patiently walking me through every step in the process of selling my large house that I had lived in for 35 years. Marilyn was encouraging and full of helpful suggestions as I waded through 35 years of stuff. She had a list of vendors who were trustworthy and efficient. Not only did she sell my house for over the asking price but she also helped me buy a smaller house in Alameda that I love. She helped make the whole selling and buying process seem almost easy and painless for me.
Janet Roberts
Closed 1237 Versailles (listing) May 2014, AND 1008 Taylor (purchase) June, 2014

_______________________________________________________________May 19, 2014

Marilyn, We are so very grateful that we had you to guide us through the sales process and smooth the way to closing. Your advice at every level was critical to attracting potential buyers and, ultimately to the successful sale. Your knowledge of not only the market but the potential pitfalls, regulatory requirements, and title company needs was extraordinarily helpful. By anticipating issues and involving the title company very early on, you reduced our stress and made the process relatively easy for us. I so appreciate your experience, diligence, and knowledge, as well as your kindness and patience as we moved through the process. I never lost any sleep over the sale because you were so incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, upfront, and ethical. We so appreciate all you did. Thank you so much!

Penny Chronis
Closed 463 Cola Ballena, Alameda (listing)


May 11, 2014

We were so satisfied with Marilyn as our buyer’s agent that we couldn’t think of anyone better to represent us when the time came to sell our home. The process of buying and selling a house usually includes a handful of stressful moments especially if an out of state move is involved. One of the important traits of an agent is someone who is able to help remove as much emotional negativity out of the transaction as possible while keeping her clients focused on their goal and the important stuff. Marilyn definitely understands the psychology of both buyers and sellers at each stage of the process and provides a comfortable balance between inspiration and positive criticism to keep the process moving. Marilyn is also a very attentive project manager – proactive and responsive communication, adapting her schedule to the client’s timetable, following through with her commitments, etc. After we vacated the property she coordinated all of the contract work (new carpet, interior paint, staging, landscaping, etc) without us needing to visit the property even once through closing and took care of many other tasks we were unable to complete. Marilyn’s network of vendors are trustworthy and perform quality work. We also appreciate how Marilyn distributes the seller’s paperwork load over the course of several weeks in such a way that it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Marilyn truly lives up to her motto “Results Exceeding the Challenges”.

Paul Fasolo and Mindy Day
Closed 2745 Young Street, Alameda (listing)
Sold it to them in 2002
Sold it for them in May 2014


April 19, 2014


Sorry to be writing this so late, but the accelerated sale of our Alameda condo has allowed us to quickly turn around and pursue a property here in Woodinville. We are due to close on, and who would have imagined that a call to you on would turn into a new house here in Woodinville!

So, of course, we’ve been busy with furniture shopping and flooring shopping and all of the related activities that accompany the purchase of a new house. And now that we have gotten closer to getting everything finally done and settled, I can finally sit down and think back on our long journey.

Reflecting back on how this all started, I knew that when we started looking for a realtor back in 2010, we needed someone who would not only sell the house, but who could also advise us on what we needed to do to sell the house and actively participate every step of the way. We needed someone who we could trust to be our eyes and ears while we moved out of state and someone who could teach us what we needed to do since it was the first time we had ever put a property up for sale.

While other realtors we considered focused more on the value of the property during the prevailing market conditions at that time, our conversations with you focused on what we could do to present the property in the best light to potential buyers. You spoke to us about taking action on the factors that we could control, and this really resonated with us. Certainly, I think this approach really showed in all of the actions you took to get the property ready for sale, multiple times.

None of us could have predicted that we would have had to put the property up for sale in 2010, 2011, and finally 2014 before we finally sold the property. However, every step of the way, you persevered with us: giving us advice on how to rent out a property (our first time putting a property up as a rental as well!); working with us to put the property back on the market after a tenant’s departure; referring us to a tax attorney regarding the tax implications of a short sale. We certainly have learned a great deal from you, and the knowledge we have gained may be just as valuable, if not more, than the actual sale of the house itself!

When we called you earlier this year, we were very determined to finally sell the house this time. The problematic areas that you had mentioned to us previously, we finally took your advice and got them addressed. The facts speak for themselves after that. 7 offers, most for much more than our asking price, and we were able to turn our potential short sale into a significant gain. All of this, from calling you again to getting the tenant out and property ready to cash in hand, in 2 months. Amazing.

But the story does not end there. Once we sold our property in Alameda, we realized that we suddenly had an opportunity, due to our unexpected gain, to go forward and buy a house here. Would it be possible for you to recommend someone, like yourself, here that we could rely on as a guide to the local real estate market? Of course, you could, and we’ve been delighted working with Rhonda to explore and find our new home in Woodinville. Once again, all of this, from calling you again to selling our previous property to closing on a new property, within 4 months. Amazing.

A huge thank you, Marilyn, for working with us and helping us get into a new home that will work very well for us. We could not be happier that we worked with you to sell our home, and we would be happy to correspond with anyone who wants to know what it was like to work with you. Thank you as well for the gift, and we will be responding to the survey shortly after we finish our furniture shopping this weekend.

Best Regards,
Roger and Sung
Closed 933 Shoreline #306 Alameda (listing)

_______________________________________________________________Jan 30, 2014

Hello Marilyn,

We can’t believe it’s been over a year since you helped us close the deal. Oh, Marilyn, you came in our lives at a time when it seemed there was a cloud of stress that loomed over us. The stress of selling our house. From the day we met you it was clear to us that you were the one that was going to get the job done. We only wished that we met you sooner. We appreciate your efficiency, honesty, professionalism but most of all YOU!! Like Joe said, “We love you”.

Joe and Marie
Closed 214 Cypress, Alameda (listed previously by another agent without a sale)


November 17, 2013

It was clear from the start that Marilyn was not only intimately familiar with the entire Alameda market, but her vast experience gave her the ability to pick the right price point. This, combined with the fact she took care of all of the details (including pesky things like taking some odds and ends to Goodwill and other places), made the process of selling our home virtually stress free. I wouldn’t make another real estate move in Alameda without her!

Jeff Martin
Closed 409 Sunset Road, Alameda (listing) 11-15-13


November 4, 2013

There’s always the possibility that doing business with a friend that doesn’t satisfy expectations could end that friendship. We asked Marilyn Schumacher to list and sell our house and we’re better friends than before. Of course we’ve known Marilyn as a friend and neighbor for over 20 years, but that’s not why we chose her. She’s honest, professional, straightforward, and knows the Alameda home market like none other.

From the outset, we relied on her to price the home and help prepare it for sale. She was sometimes brutally honest about what needed done and what to expect in costs. She gave us a timeline that was a great help in keeping on track and scheduling work. She arranged for a house cleaning service after we moved out and managed the landscaper along with watering plants herself and keeping things tidy in general. She also was a resource for questions we had about the home we were buying in Bonsall, CA.

All that’s great, but the results are really the only thing that matter. Marilyn sold the house within a week after it listed for above our asking price, all because it was priced right and prepared to sell. She’s a true professional.

Steve and Helen Wonner
Closed 1731 Clinton Avenue, Alameda (listing) 10-22-13



I didn’t get a chance to say it on Fri., but a BIG THANK YOU for all of your assistance in helping us get to this point! It’s exciting and overwhelming right now, but we are just so thrilled on so many levels. I appreciate all of your wisdom and patience with us along the way. I still don’t think there’s such a thing as “perfect”, but this one is pretty close! And I still think back to our first conversation where you asked what we wanted, and we said “the impossible-to-find 4-bdrm craftsman with charm on the East End”! (technically not a craftsman but close enough…).Stay tuned for the housewarming party!

Best, Melissa
Closed 1809 Versailles, Alameda (purchase) 7-12-13



Marilyn did a terrific job when she first helped our family with the sale of our family’s historic commercial/live-in building in West Alameda. She then represented my ex-spouse and myself with the sale of our Townhouse in the Casitas Development. She was so diplomatic and kind throughout the whole transaction since we were going through a divorce at the time. My brother and his wife hired Marilyn to sell their home in Harbor Bay Isle, after seeing how well she handled the first two transactions. All in all, Marilyn is very upfront, professional and a wonderful person to work with. I would recommend her highly.

Fredi Kapp, Retired Sr. Escrow Officer

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 1999 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
(3 listings over several years)


Jan 6, 2013

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you again for the Sunset subscription but most especially for all your help with selling my house. It was physically and emotionally exhausting to get the house ready and I was very grateful that I could depend on you to keep track of all of the tedious details so the process continued to move forward. I must admit there were a few occasions when I would think to myself “Are you kidding me, you want me to do what?” after you made a suggestion or two. But, in the long run, you were proven right as I ended up with a successful sale. You’re the best!

Sally Mirault
Closed 1373 Hansen, Alameda (listing) 11-2012


Oct 18,2012

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks again for all your helpful inputs. Moving is a VERY unpleasant process, but you hung in there with great advice and guidance for us (not to mention patience), and we really feel satisfied that we all did the best possible job of prepping, marketing and selling the house.

For the future…don’t be too surprised if you run into us at Tucker’s, Asena, or one of our other favorite haunts. Santa Rosa is very nice, but Alameda is in our blood, and we will not soon forget the many wonderful years we spent there and the many wonderful friends we made there – yourself occupying a special place on that list.

BTW, any plans for a shredding party…? We would definitely pop by for that! 🙂


John (and Sue)
Closed 3271 Fillmore (listing) and for them when they bought it, previously in 2000!
Yes John and Sue! There will be a Shredding Party in Feb ’13!


August 9, 2012

Dearest Marilyn,

I feel like you really came to my rescue last week. Thank you so much for you sympathy, wisdom, and tactical expertise. You’re wonderful at what you do, and I so appreciate how generously you shared your time & smarts. Whew!

All my best, Kate Kordich
Request for vendors and listing detail


June 1, 2012

I recently was in need of a real estate agent to sell my property in Alameda, CA. In searching the local listing I discovered one agent which was having good success in a difficult market. Upon making contact with this agent, I discovered why she has had such good success. The agent, Marilyn Schumacher, with Harbor Bay Realty in Alameda, CA proved to be more than just an agent.

Marilyn was extremely knowledgeable concerning property listings in the area and the market trends. She gathered all the available information concerning the property and developed a property specific website. The website was the most complete and thorough I have ever seen concerning the sale of a home. It detailed all the information about the home and then went beyond to explain the HOA policies. This information would answer any questions or concerns another agent or prospective buyer would have.

Throughout the sale process, Marilyn kept me informed of the progress. As a buyer was found, she worked extremely hard with the buyer’s agent to make a smooth sale. This was not an easy task due to the strict HOA procedures regarding the sale were very complicated. If not for Marilyn’s experience and expert knowledge with these procedures, this sale may have never been completed.

I can only thank Marilyn time and time again for all her help in this sale. I would gladly use her services again and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property in Alameda or the surrounding areas. I have used real estate agents several times in the past and have never found such a thorough and complete agent. On top of all her skills, she was one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Bottom line, Marilyn Schumacher is the best real estate agent of all time.

Larry Wilson
Closed 1708 Second St. (listed previously with other agents – no sale) 2012



“I highly recommend Marilyn as your real estate agent for Alameda home purchases and sales. I worked with Marilyn on both types of transactions, several years apart, and for both transactions I found her to be very knowledgeable of the market, consistently reliable with excellent and timely communications and follow up, and responsive to any questions I had along the way. She is a wonderful Alameda resource and, to top it off, a great pleasure to work with! She would be the first person I would call, if considering a real estate transaction in Alameda.”

Peggy S. Closed her first Buyer transaction in 1994! Closed her first Seller transaction 6-2011! (listing)



I just wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you for all of your help, suggestions and patience with me during the sale of my house. I could never have done it without you. You can tell all of your prospective clients that I voted you the best in the West!!! Thanks again! With great gratitude.

Ed Crosby of Minnesoooota
Closed 108 B Cypress (listing) 7-11



I am starting my journey to Lake Tahoe (appt) next Tuesday and was emailing the prospective broker. It made me think of you and all the emails, photographs, suppressed curses we exchanged over the sale of Lola`s house. Just wanted to thank you for all your work and support.

Best Wishes- Lynne Bennett
Closed 325 Laguna Vista (listing)3-23-11


To Whom It May Concern Or Anyone That Will Listen:

We just want the City of Alameda and its residents to know that Marilyn Schumacher with Harbor Bay Realty is without a doubt the best best Real Estate Agent in the entire City. She does everything for you and then some. She follows through with every little detail and leaves nothing to chance. We couldn’t have found or asked for a better person to sell our home and help us to buy another one. Nothing but praise for Marilyn.

David & Myrna McGraw

Closed 924 Del Mar (listing) and
5 Regulus (purchase) concurrently 6-21-11



It has been an honor and a privilege to work closely with Marilyn Schumacher of Harbor Bay Realty in the sale of an Alameda property that had been in our family for over 60 years. The sale was complex in that it involved the property in a Trust and me the trustee working and residing out of town. Marilyn coordinated the required inspections, necessary repairs and document logistics professionally and with ease, allowing me to fully trust that my business was in competent hands at all times.

Ms. Schumacher came to me highly regarded and through working together I have observed her keen understanding of the Alameda realty market and her careful property research, two tools that were used to address the property value and the property sale.

Marilyn’s personal living experience in Alameda combined with her great sense of humor make her fantastic agent to work with. I will proudly refer her services to anyone interested in the Alameda Market.

Eric R. Claussen

San Jose, California
Closed listing 1545 C Santa Clara



Marilyn – You are the most perfect professional real estate agent the Truitt’s have come across in a very long time! You handled the sale of our condo on Shoreline in a most proficient manner – from working with the City of Alameda on permits, validating what the contractor was modifying/updating, bringing clients to see the condo, docusigning papers, to closing.

Magnificent results – BRAVO!! Since we live in Loomis, CA – 30 miles north of Sacramento – you, my dear, did the majority of the leg work – and we ‘Thank you’!!

Here is the perfect slogan for you, if you haven’t added this to your business card – “Area Specialist”….Also – ‘Having a Real Estate License doesn’t make you a great Agent – that’s what ‘SOLD’ signs are for!

The Truitts

933 Shoreline Dr (listing) 2011



Marilyn is a no-nonsense pro who knows the Alameda housing market inside and out. We always felt confident that our best interests were her top priority and highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home here.

Chris and Karen Michell
Buyers 2615 Washington 



Hi Marilyn:

Mom knew from the start that she wanted to use you as her real estate agent. She was a very perceptive person and a great judge of character. You were a great choice! Our transaction was complicated by Mom’s health, the physical state of her home, and our living in other states. You were the glue that kept it all together. We really appreciated your correspondence and advice. Your referrals to vendors were great. Negotiations were well managed and the closing was the best I have ever experienced. Considering the very difficult economic times, we felt that our outcome was great. You made it all come together.

People often question real estate commissions….you earned every penny of yours!

I hope that we can revisit Alameda in years to come. We would love to see you again. Please keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Dennis and Terry Walsh
Closed 1727 Clinton 2010 (listing)



To whom it may concern:

We are writing this letter to express how much we enjoyed working with Marilyn Schumacher during the search for and purchase of our home. When we decided to look for a home in Alameda, Marilyn was highly recommended by a coworker and friend, and she more than surpassed our high expectations.

First, Marilyn’s knowledge of and experience in Alameda was invaluable. …However, Marilyn was an amazing resource from day one regarding the island. Her knowledge of the town, the homes, the history, and the current issues helped us get to know the area. Her love for and commitment to her community were immediately apparent, and even after a few short tours through the neighborhoods, we were excited about making Alameda our home.

She always expressed a genuine interest in what we wanted and liked, and we never felt pressure to go outside of our range.

When it came time to make an offer, we could not have been happier with Marilyn’s organization and experience with the process. She handled the offer, counteroffers, and acceptance perfectly; she coordinated all of the parties through each step of escrow with precision and timeliness; and, she was always our source of calm and confidence. Our escrow and title officer, who is not from this area even told us emphatically that she wishes all realtors could be as great as Marilyn.

Carly and Ryan Alameda
Closed as Buyers on 329 Haight (also closed this house for them in 2013 when they sold it!)


January 3, 2008

Dear Marilyn,

…Please excuse my tardy acknowledgement and thank you. “Better late than never”, I always say.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and feel blessed with having your guidance and support. I’m sure my tax accountant will appreciate the copies of the closing statements received. You really think of everything. You leave nothing to be desired, I assure you.

Love and Prayers, Ruthie
Closed as Buyer and Seller at 2137 Otis Drive


To: Marilyn Schumacher
Subject: re: house


I just want to thank you for all you did to help us sell our home in Alameda. Your suggestions about paint, cleaning, updating and everything else worked perfectly to make the sale happen fast and without any hassles. You are a true professional when it comes to real estate, I couldn’t imagine using anyone else. Plus, the “hands on” service you provided even after we were gone was above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again. Our 8 years in Alameda were wonderful and working with you both in the beginning and in the end was an outstanding experience.

Bob and Patti Montgomery
Closed 3006 Gibbons 6-2007 (Seller)



Marilyn was referred to us in 2006 to market our 2 Victorian apartment conversions in Alameda.

Having had past experience with other Realtors, we were very impressed with her responsiveness, professionalism and attention to detail. We were pleasantly surprised by her willingness and ability to ‘do it all.’ She took charge from day 1 laying out the marketing plan, getting inspections, even contact with tenants with confidence and purpose. No time was wasted and no burden was laid on us, being out of town owners. Her advice and suggestions were always honest and straightforward. She tells it like it is!

We highly recommend Marilyn to anyone seeking to sell or purchase Alameda Real Estate. She is a ‘one of a kind’ broker.

Jon and Norene Mason


We want to thank you for the fine work you did helping us buy our new home and sell our old home. You were superb.

For many months you remembered the remarks we made describing the type of house we wanted and you diligently kept us updated and appraised when appropriate homes became available. Eventually, we found “our” house. That is when your expertise and dedication to quality service became evident. You patiently guided us through all the steps as we completed the inspections, financing, contingency clearance, etc. You paid great attention to details and were extremely responsive. We moved into our new home thirty-one days after making our offer.

You were outstanding when it came time for us to sell our old home. Once again, you guided us through the process. You were very knowledgeable about the numerous things that needed to be done to get our old home sales-ready. You had a list of very capable vendors we could choose from to perform any task that we didn’t elect to perform ourselves. You successfully used the latest technologies to market our home. You responded to our numerous questions and requests for comparable prices, which enabled us to correctly set a selling price for our home. After we quickly received an acceptable offer, you concluded negotiations promptly and once again guided us through all the paperwork. You even helped our new buyers navigate their closing process.

Above all else we value the integrity you displayed throughout the entire process. You have earned our trust and respect.

“Thank you again for everything.”
– Marilyn and David Pratt 04/12/05 (Sold their home, and purchased another – both in Alameda)


“I received your newsletter today, and it just dawned on me that we will have been in our house 12 years come January. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I just wanted to say HI and thanks again for helping us through the confusion and chaos of buying our first home.

“I’ve been doing home inspections for so long now, that it seems funny just how “green” and clueless we were all those years ago. You explained things in English, walked us through the tricky parts, negotiated for us and closed the deal! Little did we know what a great agent had at the time. I can’t even remember now how we came to have you represent us, but I’m sure glad that we did.

“I see from your newsletter that you’re still working hard for your clients, and as always, you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Alameda. I just wanted to say that when people ask me for a Realtor referral, a select few agents always come to mind because of their integrity, dedication and hard work, and Marilyn Schumacher is always one of those select few.
“Keep up the good work.”

– David Teare, Inspection Pro’s 11/28/06


Whether in the field of the arts, the sciences, or real estate, there’s something amazing about dealing with someone who is on top of their game, a master in their field. Such a one is Marilyn Schumacher.

She recently handed us the keys to our new home having first patiently studied our needs, observed our reactions and in a very short period of time zeroed in on the one my husband and I instantly recognized as the dream come true. Contrary to common belief, the searching and the finding were not unsettling or upsetting but rather a time for refining concepts and growing in confidence that Marilyn would deliver the goods.

She confirmed our conviction that the most important decision in buying or selling is the choice of the realtor. When that is right, every detail falls into place. Naturally, nothing substitutes for experience and one of our favorite moments was watching Marilyn compose our initial offer to the seller. With confidence and the authority that comes from years of experience, she produced a document that reflected our stated needs but also took careful account of the seller’s legitimate needs. It was beautifully balanced and to our delight, the seller accepted it immediately.

In a word, Marilyn is tops.”

– Morris and Elizabeth Trevithick 11/25/05


“I just want to thank you so much again for finding us our house.

“Watching Matt and Christy go through all the same things is just bringing it all back a year later. Jenn and I couldn’t be happier with our house. I don’t know what else to say other than just thank you so much.”

– Gabe Weiss 7/06


“Marilyn Schumacher was a great pleasure to work with. The sale of our house was much more difficult than most because the buyers were selling their old house to an incompetent person who planned to become a real estate agent and insisted on doing everything herself. This caused many delays but Marilyn handled the situation amazingly well. She’s a professional who knows the business well and has good common sense in addition to her friendly personality. We recommend her highly.”

– Charlie and Jan Collins 5/06


Whew! What a job that was…but you certainly made it much easier for me, I would hate to think of it being any different.
“Our heartfelt thanks to you.”

– Emily Fortier 4/06


“Marilyn helped us with our last two Real Estate transactions and she is an outstanding Agent! She has the experience, knowledge and personality that just makes everything easy for her clients. We have had unusual situations that Marilyn handled with the highest level of integrity and care for our needs. We took over a year to find our dream house, but Marilyn was patient and attentive every step of the way. We recommend Marilyn over any other local agent.

– Scott and Laurie Slez 4/05


“Thanks. You did a terrific job under very trying circumstances. Rather than a letter of reference, just refer anyone to me who is considering your services.
“Thanks again Marilyn. You were terrific.”

– Steve Lillie 7/05


Thank you so much for all of your all of your incredible work with this difficult and challenging transaction of the sale of 1529 Morton St. You were wonderful ! I also appreciate your sensitivity showed during this trying time. You handled everyone and all the details with such skill, beyond my expectations.

Hopefully, when this is all over we can visit. I fine you to be a lovely sincere person.

I will write you a letter shortly. I just wanted to send you this e-mail first.”

– Maureen


“Marilyn did an absolutely outstanding job when she was engaged as a Realtor when I needed to sell my mother’s condominium in Alameda, CA in spring of 2006. The circumstances were a little complicated because when we first talked the condo was rented. I had spoken to my tax counsel per Marilyn’s advice. Marilyn worked seamlessly with the rental management division of Harbor Bay Realty to communicate appropriately with the tenants, give notice, and arrange for needed work to be done in a very timely manner so that the condo could be put on the market quickly. She was very thorough in all the marketing and promotion of the property, as well as the research into the appropriate comps for setting the price. We “priced to sell” in what was a changing market since for personal reasons a relatively quick sale was desirable, and a full-price offer was received the first weekend it was shown. So far, so good. Now the story gets interesting…

“The offer was accepted and Marilyn was very quick and helpful in getting us through all the process steps and paperwork to accept the offer. All the documentation was completed and a closing date was set. About 8 days before the scheduled close – on a Monday evening that I will probably never forget – I got a call from my accountant saying that he had been doing some research and that the sale of the condo had to close AND be recorded by THAT FRIDAY (i.e. in less than 4 days) in order for my mother to keep her right to a “tax free” gain on sale of the house. When I called Marilyn, in shock, to tell her this she really went into action. In less than 3 days, she arranged for me to buy the condo from my mother, for the end buyer to buy the house from me – at the same price – and for the prior transaction to be canceled and replaced by the two new transactions. She worked with the title company, the buyer’s Realtor, my accountant and others to put all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle into place and – almost miraculously – the sale of the condo by my mother to me closed that Thursday and was recorded that Friday, as my accountant had told us would be needed. A few days later, as per the revised plan, the second sale – from me to the final buyer – occurred. It was almost ludicrously complicated, considering what a modest transaction it really was, and without a Realtor of absolutely outstanding skill, knowledge, and drive – as well as a wonderfully calm and pragmatic approach to problem-solving – this would simply not have been possible.
My mother and I are absolutely indebted to Marilyn for pulling this hat trick off. In short, I could not recommend her more highly – “you’re in good hands with Marilyn”.

– Debbie Sorondo 9/29/06


Selling my home was a very difficult and emotional task. Not only were there complicated papers to deal with but there was also planning and strategy involved. Marilyn was everything to me; the professional realtor, project manager for home improvements, counselor, and most important of all – my friend.

I was going through major life transitions while at the same time selling the house and moving. I lost motivation and became very depressed so I procrastinated. Upsetting at the time when Marilyn pressured me into making decisions, I knew it was all for the better.

She put me back on track and everything went as scheduled. We were all pleased with the sales transaction. I have no regrets.

Marilyn is professional and aggressive when I needed her to be my voice. She knows her stuff! She was and is a great resource. She will help you during your real estate transaction and will be there for you after the business is done. She is a wonderful friend and she will consider your best interests when she works with you.”

– Jacquelyn D. Chan Quinn 9/17/05


You took a complicated piece of property and made it manageable for me in the preparation to market and for prospective buyers in the understanding of how it fit, or didn’t fit with their expectations. In the time we worked together it seemed you had nothing else to do but work on our property, and if anyone believes that they don’t know you very well. Your calm thoughtful responses to tricky situations instilled confidence for us in your knowledge and resourcefulness in the business of real estate. Most importantly, the integrity you bring to all you do should be an example to anyone doing business anywhere. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to facilitate the sale of the Garratt Mansion.”

– Royce and Betty Gladden 9/23/05


I want to thank you for the magnificent job you did representing me as a buyer and as a seller this summer. It is interesting to look at the two different aspects of Real Estate in the very same period of time.

I appreciate the opportunity to have seen current listings with you and listen to an objective viewpoint as to the condition of each property and the price range relevant to my individual situation. I always felt that you had all the information about any given property, its history, and current market trends in any given location. You made the purchase of my new home a more enjoyable experience.

It is interesting that in just a few weeks the asking price of the house that I was selling increased dramatically. Your alertness to this trend with its additional dollars in my pocket is certainly a bonus. I was very aware that your professional abilities far exceeded the requirements of the job. There always was an answer before there was a question. Not always an easy thing to provide!

I hope that you will use this letter of appreciation as a reference for future clients. They will find that your honesty and professionalism are of great value. The knowledge you provided in each transaction was far above what I consider “merely necessary”. I would be pleased to speak on your behalf to any client who would like to have any additional information that I might be able to provide.
“Thank you again for all your help.”

– Nancy Stiner 9/19/05


Carrie and I want to THANK YOU for your most professional work in marketing and closing the sale of our rental.

With over 30 years in the Real Estate industry as a Realtor, Vice President of Northwestern Title Company and my Mortgage practice of the last 10 years, I have worked with literally hundreds of Realtors. I do want you to know that we chose YOU to market our home because of your professionalism, integrity and knowledge of the Real Estate markets. You have also become a great friend and we will always refer you to anyone we know who is looking into buying or selling Real Estate.

“Thanks again, your the best!”

– Lenny & Carrie James 08/24/05


Marilyn Schumacher was truly an invaluable partner for us as first time homebuyers in Alameda. Her impressive knowledge of the local real-estate market produced real and tangible benefits from the moment we began working with her.

Her long-standing connections in the community provided us with access to valuable information and gave us the advantage we needed in this competitive market.

Without a doubt, Marilyn is a well-respected member of the real-estate community. Her reputation provided us with instant credibility among listing agents, brokers and suppliers. She listened carefully to our likes and dislikes, got to know our lifestyle, and was soon able to steer us towards our dream home.

Marilyn guided us step-by-step through a 14-day close and worked seamlessly with our mortgage broker, inspector and listing agent. Throughout the process we felt that Marilyn truly had our best interests at heart. Marilyn’s support did not end with the purchase of our home. She has helped us numerous times with referrals of electricians, tree trimmers, fireplace specialists, etc. and even helped us learn more about the history of our Victorian house.

We would recommend Marilyn Schumacher without hesitation and we look forward to working with her ourselves for many years to come.

– Simon & Michelle Tonner 8/30/04


“Making the decision to sell my house was difficult, but finding Marilyn made the process easy. She kept me informed through every step in the process, was right there to solve problems when the going got tough, had great ideas on how to present the house and put together a fair offer for all involved. Marilyn is up to date on all the rules and regulations of Alameda real estate and helped get through all the paperwork and inspections in record time. As a result of her experience and values she made selling the house easy and I highly recommend her.”

– Rhonda Jobe 2/18/04


Marilyn helped us sell our Park Webster condo and then purchase a single family starter home in Alameda this past summer. On the selling side, her excellent advice regarding the preparation of the property and her quick follow-up with the potential buyer’s agent about how the showing went, including any comments, helped us feel good about our preparation of the property and confident that the “right” buyer would come along. Then, after we accepted an offer on the condo at asking price, she advocated for us throughout escrow, providing detailed explanations to back up any recommendations she made, especially when our buyer was unable to obtain her initial financing. She kept us up-to-date on a daily basis during this delay, and even called the buyer’s bank herself to make sure things were going in the way being represented to us by the buyer’s agent.

Our search for a new home with Marilyn began before we even had a buyer for the condo. She began to show us a variety of properties in the under $500,000 market, to see what our reaction was to the different qualities of each house. When we became “real buyers”, Marilyn updated us daily on new properties on the market, and was always able to adapt to our schedule in showing us properties.

During this time, we knew more than ever we had the right Realtor. Marilyn’s years of experience, and excellent rapport with the other Realtors in town allowed her to provide us with a great deal of information about each property. With her help, we were able to feel very confident in the decisions we were making during this process.

Marilyn’s service once again exceeded our expectations when we found the house that we wanted to buy. Sensing that the window of opportunity was short, Marilyn acted quickly on our behalf. After showing us the house in the afternoon, she wrote an offer for us to sign that night, and delivered it to the seller’s agent at 8:30 the next morning. Our offer was accepted less than 24 hours after seeing the house. We truly believe that if not for Marilyn’s willingness to work into the night, and get our offer delivered so early, we very well may not have gotten the home that we’re so happy with today.

We would recommend Marilyn Schumacher to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in Alameda.– John and Clare Hansen 1/25/04

(A follow-up email was received 3/7/04: This afternoon on Delmar Avenue there were 13 kids under age 8 (all who live on the street and 6 children of your clients) playing in the street, with the parents talking and playing ball with the kids. Bikes and big wheels were everywhere. It was like an unplanned block party and John and I were in total amazement that we actually live on such a cool street!… I just wanted to let you know how happy we were here and thank you for all your help.)

– Clare Hansen


I believe that a person’s integrity, competence and personal values they demonstrate speak high volumes for (or against) them. I believe that when someone works with a new client, they have a personal choice…to create and help sustain a truly memorable & positive experience or destroy their credibility. You have certainly demonstrated the very essence of this philosophy which is why we feel very fortunate working with you throughout our home purchase, and why we feel so confident recommending you to others!! Thanks for everything you do & all that you stand for – it’s a refreshing change when so often we, as consumers, have become so “jaded” with our expectations with anyone in the sales arena!!

You do outstanding work, Marilyn… keep it up…

– Joyce Wong and Tim Robinson 11/03


“Thanks again for your guidance and efforts this past summer. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with how everything worked out. I love the new place…”

– Sue Haines 12/03


Thought it was about time to thank you for all your hard work and time spent in assisting me in the selling of my four unit building. Not only were the tenants very pleased with you, so was I. Just don’t think it would be possible for anyone to do more for myself and the tenants than you did, from arranging to show their apartments based on their time schedules to arranging to have the basement cleaned up, having the water heaters strapped down, smoke alarms installed and the sewer lateral completed.

Thought it was an outstanding performance. Please feel free to use me at any time for my recommendation. If need be have your clients call me.”

– William F. Payne 12/11/03


“I would recommend Marilyn to anyone buying or selling a house in Alameda, and would ask her to represent me if I ever wanted to sell my house.”

– Dr. John Burke 7/23/99


Your read of the market conditions over the past year-and-a-half or so was right on target, and extremely helpful to us since we were able to recoup what could have been a substantial loss just by waiting till the right time to put the house on the market.

The fact that you didn’t push for the listing when the market was down (and you knew we could afford to wait) was especially appreciated. I don’t think most agents would have been so patient and forthright with us. I can’t image that anyone could find a more competent and caring agent.

– Pat Layard 8/16/99


It has truly been a very rewarding experience to have had the opportunity to meet a real professional, Marilyn Schumacher.

During the last three years Marilyn has helped us with two sales and two buys with much patience. Marilyn has given us 200% of her time and effort in all of our transactions. Thank you Marilyn for your assistance, guidance and extending your very warm person in friendship.

We highly recommend Marilyn, her superior dedication in searching to fulfill a client’s expressed dreams in a very warm, friendly and professional manner.”

– Kay Yamashiro 12/1/99