THE SECOND STORY | April 7th, 2022

Classified ads…..

This sounds like a bargain back in the day.

I was going through my computer, and suddenly I was looking at very old photos. Obviously, somebody sent them to me. I just don’t know who!

Bargain? I’m not sure…but that rent could have been the equivalent of today’s $1,000,000+ bucks for a house, to own!

I’ll be brief….because I’m expecting my photographer to come over and help me download some photos of a new listing that (hopefully) will be on the market by midnight! I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I’m not the dimmest, either! And he takes terrific photos!

Another re-run

My 16th annual Shredding Party is Sat. April 23, 9am – noon! It’s free to all, and if you care to make a donation (cash or checks) to Alameda (City) Meals on Wheels, they will be the beneficiary, and I will match each donation.

Tell your friends and neighbors!  Get your stuff together!

Please let me know if you want to drop your stuff off @ my house, if you can’t make it on April 23rd. We can put it into the carriage house and bring it out, so when it’s time to slice/dice it all up, your stuff will have a place in line.



AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups )

PSLA (pending sale, subject to lender approval)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings 22 incl. 1 AC, 1 BOM, 1PCH    DOM high 1775, low  7,  avg 115,  med 21

Pending listings 20 incl. 1 PSB

Sold listings this week 12

Enjoy the weather…but cut back on using water.

We need to take care of ourselves and others around the world. That is what goodness does: it makes us better human beings.

?? about the market? I’m probably as confused as you are. But, IMHO, if you love the location (that’s what you’re buying…whether its a condo, co-op, house, or a multi-unit building) that location will probably payoff for you…if you own it for a number of years. Real estate is not short term investment.

Be well, and fill your boxes up with shred-able stuff!

best, marilyn

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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!