THE SECOND STORY | November 18th, 2021


…it never stops. If you own a home, condo, or units, you may have a list of vendors (that you trust) to do various work around the property.

Almost all condos, townhouses and even single family homes, have Home Owner Associations (HOA’s). Each HOA has a Board of Directors who assign vendors (or hire workers as employees) to do maintenance/repairs around the complex/property.

If you don’t have a list of vendors…then contact me.  I may have a person that will meet your need(s). And If you have a list of your own vendors (and trust them), we can swap some names.

These days most of the workers/vendors are really busy, due to the changing lifestyles that we are making (or being forced to make), these past couple of years.

I’ve read online articles (East Bay Times, Mercury News, The Christian Science Monitor), about how our lives are changing…for the better (ability to  meet and not be there in person). I’ve been on 6 zoom meetings this week, so far. The mileage on my car is way down! The amount of time I sit in traffic is almost none.

Because some of us are staying closer to home, we now see things a bit differently: when did that crack appear? are there other cracks in the walls? That item needs to get repaired. This item must get fixed.

And what happens when I don’t do those ‘fixes?’ They only get worse and that means more $$$$.

Just recently, I hired LeafFilter to install their gutter mesh-covers around this beast of a house. It comes with a life-time warranty and if it fails, they will replace it (read the small print, please). I asked if they would install them around my carriage house, but the gutters are too small for their product.

One of my roofers will come and clear out the carriage house gutters. They also install solar panels and maintain them. I’ve had those panels for over 7(?) years, now.

I also keep a bag in my trunk that contains only hazardous waste. ACI (Alameda County Industries) insists that you must use their online appointment schedule to minimize the waiting-in-line time. I toss old batteries in that bag, used paint cans (with or without paint), an electronic keyboard (that I wore out), etc. I drive over the Park St. Bridge, and drop the hazmat off.

One of my dearest friends used to say…”You get what you pay for.” How right she was! And she lived it.

AC (active contingent on selling another property)
PCH (price change)
PSB (pending sale, want backups)
DOM (days on market)

Active listings  35 incl 1 BOM

DOM  High 1635  Low 7  Avg 83  Med 28

Pending listings  20

DOM  High  60  Low 5  Avg 17  Med 28

Sold listings 18

DOM  High 59  Low 4  Avg 19   Med 16

Questions about the market? Let me know. Or if you have answers, let me know that, too!  Enjoy the weekend!  marilyn

PS Thanks, Betty, for the ‘funny’ this week.

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