THE SECOND STORY | October 30th, 2021

Rain! Please comeback soon….

We want rain…and we got it this past week. This is a picture of a bucket that I use to sweep up the dead leaves and the small ivy berries that drop from the fence that separates our homes. It had blown over in the wind, but it seems it’s an accurate way to measure the rain. There were about 4 inches of rainwater in that bucket.

(I’m sorry that I didn’t write this post on Thurs night. But I was having some issues regarding the paperwork that needed to be filled out, for a client who was writing an offer.)

AC (active contingent on selling another property)
PCH (price change)
PSB (pending sale, want backups)
DOM (days on market)

Active listings 44 incl 3 PCH

DOM  high 1616  low 2  avg 78  med 31

Pending listings 19 incl 2 PSB & 1 PSLA

DOM  high  69  low 3  avg 17  med 13

Sold listings  17

DOM  high 34  low 0   avg 14   med 13

Have a Happy Halloween tomorrow evening! I usually sit on my front steps and drop or toss candy into the paper bags/ plastic bags/ pillowcases of those kids that show up.

Questions about the Alameda market? Let me know!




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