THE SECOND STORY | October 7th, 2021

1st week of October



       Fall is in the air……

The market makes itself known…..This week there were 4 Price Changes amongst the active listings. That may be a record for this year. And it seems some of the Sellers are not ‘getting’ what they want ($$$) out of the property. So if they really want to sell, the prices come down. Like the old adage says…”What goes up, must come down.”

Here are some phrases that I found this week in the MLS

-“Matured buyer ready to buy” (How old is the buyer? I think this type of description is now against the MLS rules?)

-“Oakland hills SFH for $889/ Open Sunday 2-4pm”  (This a great a deal – house for only $889 dollars)

-“It’s a 3 berm, 2 bath home.” (a berm is a flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace bordering a river or canal.)

-“Needs a Lot with a water or mountain/hill view to build a home.” (I have no idea what this means.)

-“Modern with pool’ up to $8m’ (Do these buyers want a modern pool up to 8M dollars? )

-“Passionate’ (I don’t want to know these folks….this was the agent’s description in the MLS.)

-“Seller’s are now relocated to Florida and really want to move their home.” Do the Seller’s want to move that home to Florida?

I may not be the best at writing a description, but these are just a bit weird.

AC (active contingent on selling another property)
PCH (price change)
PSB (pending sale, want backups)
DOM (days on market)

Active Listings this week   48 incl. 4 PCH

DOM high 1594  low 5  avg 68  med 26

Pending Listings this week   25 incl. 3 PSB

DOM  high 150  low 0  avg 21  med 113

Sold Listings this week 13

DOM high 30  low 0  avg 10  med 7

THAT’S IT FOR THIS WEEK! Contact me if you have ???

Be safe, be well, and any rain/sprinkles would be very welcomed!


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