THE SECOND STORY | September 9th, 2021

Alameda wildlife…..

One of my friends saw this cricket(?) on a car in the ‘hood.’ So, we yanked out our phones and took some photos.

It’s getting darker earlier and I’m okay with that. God gave us seasons so we wouldn’t get bored. The world is changing faster than ever, and it can be difficult to keep up with it. But the climate is changing and we need to do something about it.

For me, I gave up a propane-powered barbeque several years ago. It was a Weber and it served us/me well.

I haven’t burned a fire in our fireplaces (living room and dining room) for years. I think I’ll find some type of plant to put in both fireplaces, or maybe candles as the holidays show up.

I’ve thought about buying an electric car, but my car is very young, based on the miles I have on it. It’s 6 years old and I’ve only got 30K? miles on it. This past year I only drove about 2600 miles.  I’ve got my Toyota dealer chasing after me to trade it in and buy another.

Let’s talk about the real estate market. As the days get shorter, folks are thinking about the holidays (starting with Halloween).

You may notice that there aren’t as many pending sales, at this time. Sure, prices continue to go over the list price….but there are several with price reductions.

I attended a 4-hour long Zoom meeting today, lead by one of the CA Associaton of Realtors leaders. Way back when I was a newbie at Harbor Bay Realty, Gov Hutchinson would come and talk to us in person! He’s one smart man! This class was about our new Residential Purchase Agreement…and it will take some getting used to…but it’s good that those ‘on top’ thought about this…and in the long run, it should be easier to fill out and easier to avoid the lawsuits. I printed out the sample RPA (with the explanations) and it was 114 pages. The new purchase agreement will show up in early December, and that agreement is now ‘only’ 16 pages.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

BOM (back on market – fell out of escrow)

REO (real estate owned by the lender, i.e. foreclosure)

PPR (probate confirmation required)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings this week  36

DOM  high 1565  low 0  avg 76  med 25

Pending listings 14

DOM  high 30  low 2  avg 11  med 11

Sold listings 10

DOM  high 35   low 0  avg 76  med 25

The first “Sold” listing has a sold price of $131,000,000! Clearly, that’s not right. It was listed for 928K and the SOLD price was typed in with 3 extra 000’s. Prices are high…but not THAT high! That was either the agent’s fault or the Transaction Coordinator’s fault.

That’s a wrap!

best, marilyn

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