THE SECOND STORY | August 26th, 2021

Construction zone and GO BAGS


Being in a construction zone (street, area, whatever) can be more than noisy!

The construction zone I’m writing about is across the street, from where I live. The ‘hood needs to put up with it because it’s a safety concern for the owner, the tenants, and the neighbors. But the noise is incredible!

Being a good neighbor, I went over to talk with the workers. While I speak a couple of words in Spanish, they knew what I was saying in English. Apparently, they’re finishing the job of creating a concrete foundation around the perimeter, which was left unfinished over the years.

I’m wondering if the insurance was going to be canceled if this wasn’t corrected ASAP.

That is a major problem for the insurance company. In fact, I received a letter this week from my property insurance company, letting me know that they’ve declined (i.e. refused) to renew my insurance policy.  I’ve paid them what they want, for years, never bounced a check, and have never made a claim. And now this?

I’m wondering if the cause of this is the wildfires that have wiped out towns and houses between here and Northern California. Watching the fires on the news is horrible, sad, and maybe depressing (as if the Covid-Delta Variant isn’t enough).

Bottom line….create a go-bag (or more) in case you need to evacuate your home, your town.  We have friends in Paradise that were basically untouched by the fires last year, However, their son flew their plane away from the Paradise airport…into the smoke.

If we have a major earthquake here in the Oakland-SF area, I’m not sure if we can even get off or on the island: what if the Tube is flooded and the bridges aren’t safe?

Lovely thoughts to take to bed this evening…..argh.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

BOM (back on market – fell out of escrow)

REO (real estate owned by the lender, i.e. foreclosure)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings this week  25 including 2 PCH

DOM  high  1551  low 7  avg  72  med  17

Pending listings this week  12

DOM   high  38  low 0  avg 72  med 17

Sold listings this week  19 

DOM  high 32  low 0  avg 12  med 12

Have a good weekend…be safe to yourself and others! marilyn

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