THE SECOND STORY | August 13th, 2021


I’m very learyl/weary about ‘coaching’ these days. Particurlarly, real estate coaching, whether it’s coming from a brokerage, or if you’re paying somebody to tell you what you must/should do.

I’ve been around for a lot of years (as my hair started showing me when I was under 40). Now it’s white!

So many coaches are telling us (in their online introduction):“You got this!”  “Let’s do this!” who’s the ‘Let’s’ in do this? “We’ve got you covered!” What, with my dog’s blanket?

I do believe that the elders among us have a lot to teach us. It’s called ‘life experiences.’

The real estate biz is changing very quickly. Real estate companies are buying out or selling/merging themselves to other companies. Folks are telling us that they have the best of the best. What was once a power player, isn’t anymore.

‘Doing’ real estate demands some intensive listening. I ask more questions than I give answers.  Often the questions will lead to ‘in-depth’ answers.

When I first became a real estate agent, we went out ‘door knocking,’ We made cold calls. ‘We’ were new kids on the block, up against well- established companies.

The fact is that real estate is about people. And if we stop and listen to the people, we’ll find out more about them: their lives, their goals, why they do certain things, maybe why they don’t do certain things. It will always be about ‘people.’

Folks are making the transition between one place/home to another, retiring, taking up real estate as a second or third career. It’s more stressful now, than ever! Is it fun…not always…but it can be rewarding…and I mean more than money.

It can be frustrating. But being part of somebody’s life, even temporarily, can be an eye-opener and even a life-changer.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

BOM (back on market – fell out of escrow)

REO (real estate owned by the lender, i.e. foreclosure)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings this week…36 including 2 PCH

DOM high 1539  low 2  avg 70  med 16

Pending listings this week.…16

DOM 145  low 6  avg 26  med 14

Sold listings this week.…14

DOM 14  low 24  avg 13  med 13

Be well, be safe, and have some fun…with your mask on!

Best, marilyn


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