THE SECOND STORY | June 10th, 2021

The language of real estate is changing…

(Roses are into their 3rd cycle of blooming!)

…for the better. And it’s a good thing.

No longer do we call the master bedroom,’ master.’ We now call it the ‘primary’ bedroom.  We don’t call the master bathroom, ‘master.’ We call it the primary bathroom.

I had the chance to tell some folks I was working with. They immediately got it.

We are such creatures of habit. One small step for real estate, one easy shift  for human-kind.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

BOM (back on market – fell out of escrow)

REO (real estate owned by the lender, i.e, foreclosure)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings including 1 BOM and 1 ACTR

DOM high 92   low 7  avg 38   med 27

Pending listings 26 incl 3 PSB

DOM  high 1493  low 0   avg 67   med 12

Sold listings 26

Have a nice weekend! Carry a mask with you…just in case….!

Let me know if you have questions….but I may not have the answers! And no, I don’t know when this market will change…but sooner or later it will, whether it be man-made or nature-made.  marilyn

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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!