THE SECOND STORY | May 20th, 2021

More ch ch changes

We’ve had some changes about showing properties in the past week (specifically, today).

Open houses are now allowed subject to: mask wearing for everybody, physical distancing between all attendees, hand-santizer, etc. This could change at any time, based on how this works out.

I was speaking with another long-time agent, who’s been in the biz longer than I have. (She looks a lot younger than me.)  (Due to the pandemic, many of the more experienced agents, have silver hair these days, because hairstylists were furloughed.)

I asked her if she was going to start holding open houses again. She said no, no, no! And I quickly agreed with her. The only reason any agent holds open houses is that it’s a chance to pull in some biz.  However, an open house is not the best time to conduct some type of interview. You’d have to make an appointment for that…and often folks may say “Can I have your card? I’ll call you.”

Open houses are a waste of time for an agent and for the sellers. The neighbors that do drift in are there to check out what the interior of the place looks like…and then either criticize or look really impressed. The Sellers (or the agent) spend some time getting it prepped for the looky-loos.

The best way to show a property is to have it staged, and let the photos do the talking. But that’s another subject for another time.

Shredding Party….I received another check this week, and matched that…so Alameda Meals on Wheels will have received  $8014! 

Alameda Real Estate This Week


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings this week 27  

DOM   high 1474  low 1  avg 106  med  24

Pending listings this week 28  inc. 3 PSB

DOM  high 52  low 0  avg 106  med  24

Sold listings this week 13

DOM  high 20   low 1   avg 9   med 9


That’s a wrap! Questions?  Let me know!

best, marilyn



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