THE SECOND STORY | March 4th, 2021

It’s always time for repairs…..

…because most of us are using our homes/apartments/condos a lot more these days/years: teaching a kid or 3 of them and you don’t have an education degree; figuring where to put the TV tray table that has become your office; taking advantage of being outside, maybe in your yard and keeping your distance and donning a mask, trying to make some extra space where there is none. Growing veggies or fruit…. it goes on and on.

The best part is that we aren’t using our cars to drive long distances to an office when we can just zoom our lives away with meetings, tutorials, interviews, and more meetings. That’s one way to combat climate change.

I’ve been looking at the fence that probably sits on the property line, on the west side of this beast of a house. A couple of boards are broken/have rotted/fallen away. The owner is doing some repairs to the units next door and I’m not sure I’ve ever met her/him, after being here over 30 years? Yikes!

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again. – you’ll need to expect to pay 1% of the current market value of your property, per year, on repairs. If you have nothing to repair in the current year, expect to pay 2% the next year.

This method makes sense….especially since you may be seeing items that have been broken for some time. BUT…what you see may not what a property inspector or pest inspector sees.

I had a pest/property inspection in 2019 on this beast of a house…including the units that sit above me. Robert has his own inspection company. He does both inspections at the same time, and is a licensed contractor., Plus he built his 5000SF house in Moraga. It’s always fun talking with him and listening to him about his project. One thing that he does say….they never needed a 5000sf house.

For me, it’s like going to the dentist once per year. A home/unit just involves more $$$$.



AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

DOM (days on market)

Active listings this week 20

DOM  High 1397  Low 0   Avg 139  Med 14

Pending listings this week  15 including 3 PSB

DOM  High 44   Low  0   Avg 11  Med 8

Sold listings this week 16

DOM  High 140  Low 0   Avg 21  Med 8

We’re done! Have a nice weekend! Contact me if you have ??

Best, marilyn

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