THE SECOND STORY | October 1st, 2020

“Escaping Urbanity”

Fall is in the air, uh no. Not so much – because of the smoke. Gosh, it was so fresh for so few days in the past week!

You may not know who Katie Lance is…. she’s some type of a real estate coach. And very occasionally I will listen to or watch her. She’s a bit too hyper for me. I can only stand so much.

However, this week Ms. Lance said this:

“Is this the year you signed up for?”

I think most folks thought “No, it is not!”

Nobody signed up for 2020….the pandemic, the election, the fires (bless everybody’s hearts): the firefighters, the folks who have lost their homes (some for the 2nd and 3rd time), businesses that have struggled and/or trying new ways to stay open, or they are shutting down and shuttering up. How about the home-schooling thing? That’s a whole new ball game. But here we are.

If you were prescient you may have bought ZOOM stock! Who knew?

I remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, I got a call from my financial advisor….saying he sold everything and the only paper that I had was cash in my account.

As I may have mentioned previously…when folks ask how I am…I respond with “If I complain, you have the right to shoot me.”

One of the professional organizations I’m a member of..sends out a magazine every other month. On the cover this month is this:


Based on what I see in the real estate marketplace the title on the cover is true. Most folks I speak with are wondering….”Where would I move to? The interest rates are down and the sales prices are very high. Where would I move to?”

I think of moving a lot these days. But I don’t have an answer to the question ….where? Until I get an answer…I’m staying put.

However, this week there were price reductions…twice, on one property.

IMHO you can’t time the market…but if you don’t think about the ‘what if’s’ you may miss that market.

Alameda Real Estate this Week


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

Active Listings 41 including 1 BOM and 6 PCH

Days on market   high 1243  low 8  avg 73  med 27

Pending Listings 17 incl 2 PSB

Days on market  high 31  low 0  avg 12  med 27

Sold Listings  19 

Days on market  high 157  low 0  avg 18  med 9

On to my next blog…  check it out!

Have a fun weekend!  marilyn



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