THE SECOND STORY | September 17th, 2020

Maintenance records.

My name is on this chalk board along with Andy Weber and John Poole, both were local contractors back in the day!

A friend sent me this photo. It details what’s been done to a portion of the subarea of his huge Alameda house. He has definitely had upgrades done over the years but this kind of takes the cake.

These days we don’t need to rely on chalkboards but it’s a very good thing to put your receipts/finaled permits for work done on your property in some type of online file system. I use Dropbox.

If you decide to sell…those records (or lack thereof) will justify the price that the Buyer is offering.

Getting a pest and property inspection done upfront, by the Seller, makes the whole process much easier. The Buyer may decide to wipe out (remove) the physical inspection contingency with her/his offer.

If you have questions about who I used for these inspections, give me a call, email, or text me. Many home inspectors don’t have actual contractor licenses. This is a big negative to me. My inspector has a Contractor’s license as well as a Structure Pest Control Operator’s license.

And BTW….he was the ‘G.C’ (general contractor) who built his own 5000 sf home in Moraga, and he still did inspections for me here in Alameda.

Let me know if you need/want the name of the company and how to reach the office.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Active Listings  36 including 1 BOM, 2 PCH

Days on market  High 1229  Low 6 Avg 79  Med 31

Pending Listings 15 including 3 PSB 

Days on market  High 38  Low 3  Avg 15  Med 12

Sold Listings 21  High 59  Low 0  Avg 15  Med 13

We’re done! The air is so much nicer today….let’s hope it stay that way for the weekend!

Best, marilyn

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