THE SECOND STORY | August 13th, 2020

Referrals vs advertising….

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Word of mouth: Referrals…..the name of the game.

The house cleaners that I use for my own home, mostly work here in Alameda. I had to get on their “wait-list” they are in such demand.

I encourage my Sellers to use them because they do such a great job of deep cleaning. They come in once a property is almost ready for the photographer. They do such a great job!

I often suggest that my Sellers hire my landscaper/gardener. He and his crew are also terrific. I’ve used them for years, as well!

That’s exactly why I ask my friends/customers for a note/letter that I can put on my website (with their permission) for others to see….saying why they hired me! No guarantee that will happen…but  I still ask.

This method of giving and getting referrals is primarily the only way I get new business. I don’t do a ton of advertising about myself. Yep, you may get postcards/letters from me to keep me top of mind….in case somebody asks you to name a good, honest, tell it like it is, real estate agent.

I didn’t personally know the woman with whom I chatted about her real estate, but she asked friend who had a friend….who suggested that she interview me.

The potential seller and I communicated via email this week, and then she wanted to speak with me over the phone. It was all good. However, she let me know today, that she was going to list the property with another person who actually lived in her development. Hey, I can ride my bike to where you live!

It’s all good! It only encourages me to make my presentation better, clearer, more thoughtful. As I’ve said before: In this ‘new’ normal most everything is done virtually and definitely not in person.

Today I was on a webinar about listing presentations. I found that this instructor suggests that the agents use professional photographers.

I do that, too. In fact, this instructor suggests that listing agents use Matterport (a virtual tour/ camera/ that shows a property in 3D), and the customer can control how he/she views a property.

My photographer uses Matterport, as well. He’s been working with me for the past 7 years. He also flies a drone for which you need to get a specific license from the FAA.

It’s pretty reassuring when I listen/watch another professional teach a class, and that I’ve already done what s/he suggests longer than he has. Whew!

So if you’d care to give me a recommendation l (I’ve done biz with so many of you), I’d be happy to accept it….and it would be posted (if you let me post it) next to this blog!


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Active listings 45 including 1 BOM 

Days on market    high 1194   low  6   avg  85   med  28

Pending listings 17 including 2 PSB

Days on market    high 402   low 6   avg 40   med 15

Sold listings 11 

Days on market   high  54   low 0   avg  19   med 13

We’re done! Have a good weekend, stay in the shade, wear masks when you’re outdoors, call/text/email if you want need a vendor referral from me! Call if you need me to do an errand for you, too!

Best, marliyn



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