THE SECOND STORY | July 9th, 2020

You might want to ask these questions about moving and movers…

I found this lovely lady in somebody’s basement or attic. I think it was a basement because of the plywood behind her. I think she was the woman (mannequin) who used to look out an attic window on Central.

I hope your Independence Day was pleasant. I have a client I’m working with and he heard gunshots all along the shoreline. Some folks are just plain stupid.

I copied this ‘moving’ checklist from somewhere. But it seems really good!

What is the charge for packing?
Does it include boxes? If not, what do they cost and will you deliver them?
Is there an additional charge to deliver some items to a storage unit?

How is a damage claim handled?
What insurance do you provide and is there a cost?
Does the insurance cover items packed by the owner?
Can additional insurance be purchased?
If items are covered by my Homeowner’s insurance, whose insurance pays first?

Unusual Items
Can you ship my car(s)? Will they be in the moving van or towed?
What are the charges for shipping cars, lawn tractors, etc?
What items cannot be shipped?
If a shuttle truck is needed because of the location of my house or size of the driveway, is there an additional charge?
If packing and loading are on different days, can you leave the beds and other basics out for us to use?

What dates are available for our move?
What date will you pack and how long will this take?
What date will you load the van?
What date will the van arrive at my new location?
If my new home is not ready for delivery, how many days can it be delayed before there is a charge?
What is the charge for additional days or weeks?

Are there any additional fees that I’m responsible for that have not been discussed?
What are the terms of payment?
Is a down payment required?
When will the balance be due and who is authorized to accept it?

Alameda Real Estate this Week


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)

Active listings 37 including 1 AC, 1 PCH

Days on Market  high 1152, low 7, avg 109, median 29

Pending listings 11 including 2 PSB

Days on Market  high 125, low 0, avg 22, median 12

Sold listings 10

Days on Market  high 54, low 0, avg 24, median 21

If you’d like a current CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) for your property let me know. It’s based on algorithms, and those don’t tell you the condition (interior or exterior), and they don’t do the inspections for you)!

Be smart, be safe, wear masks, and stay 6′ away from others! We aren’t through this yet.  best,  marilyn


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