THE SECOND STORY | June 26th, 2020

Real estate is a mental game…from all sides.

Have loads of lemons and some tomatoes, but these tomatoes  kind of look like red chiles.


AC (active contingent on selling another property)

PCH (price change)

PSB (pending sale, want backups)


I think about my job/enterprise/work a lot! I want to please everybody! But sometimes that’s just not possible.

I was updating my listing presentation this afternoon and this evening..and was looking at some of the letters/notes that were written by clients (now friends) to me over the past years.

They are so kind and grateful! I never know when I’ll hit a chord with clients. But each client can be a true relationship. I say ‘can’…not ‘is.’

I’m at the time, right now, to be able to sit at a table and just listen. However, that’s a bit difficult at this moment because we’re not allowed to sit at tables these days with clients.

I was speaking with some folks recently…and laying down the line. Does one of us cross the line, or not? We weren’t getting anywhere, and they were frustrated with the real estate process…and so was I.

First things first…I let them know they had some options. They could fire me. They could drop the price. They could keep the price where they wanted (i.e. wished it would be), and the property would sit…vacant…

Real estate is rough. It can be severe. It can be rewarding. These clients can AND do live the life they want: surrounded by family via phone, skype, zoom. But to keep comparing the current to the ancient a real waste of time and life.

Here’s to moving on: both mentally and physically.

Active listings 39 (including 2 AC, 1 BOM  3 PCH)

Days on market  High 1146  Low 2   Avg 107  Median 33

Pending listings 14 (including 3 PCH)

Days on market   High 56  Low 3  Avg 16  Median 12

Sold listings 7

Days on market   High 69  Low 0  Avg 23  Median 9

Have a great weekend and wear your mask! 

best, marilyn

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