THE SECOND STORY | May 14th, 2020

Being an agent is not for the meek/weak in heart…..

A window in a Victorian, that I saw years ago.

Two years ago I had some conversations with a client about his condo. I sold it to him about 8 years before. He called me to sell it for him.

We put it on the market and after 2-3 weeks went by I told him that I couldn’t work for him because the price he wanted was not the price it would sell for.

It turns out his friend was trying to buy it directly from him…and I said: ‘go for it!’ He could save money by not paying a commission and all the extras that selling a house (condo, townhome) involves.

Of course, that would mean the Seller wouldn’t have access to the disclosures.  This is a lawsuit looking for a place to happen.  And he would have to hire real estate attorney to be sure it would be a legally binding purchase offer.

Next, the buyer couldn’t get a preapproval letter from his lender…and the Seller came back to me a couple of days later letting me know.

I told him I wouldn’t list it at his price and told him how much I appreciated him and loved him, but I wouldn’t list it, and good luck!

He called me a couple of days later and said he’ll list it at my recommended price.

Next, we had a staging discussion. He had literally turned the condo into a ‘man-cave.’ A gym was set up in the living room and it was painted dark colors. When you looked through the slider doors that opened up to the deck, all you could see was a solid wall from a building next door. No natural light.

We had the painters come in and the stagers as well. Sure, that took some time, but at least we got some traffic through there. And it got sold.

Please people, listen to your Realtor….s(he) can at least start a discussion with you to learn what current buyers are looking for. And upgrades (as in NO MAJOR REMODELING) don’t count either if they were done more than 5 years ago.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Active listings 34

Average Days on Market  High 1103, Low 7, Average 109, Median 31

Pending listings 7

Average Days on Market  High 36, Low 4, Average 18 Median 13

Sold listings 3

Average Days on Market  High 18, Low 4, Average 13, Median 17

OK! That’s a wrap! Be calm, be happy, help somebody out…if you see that person needs it! And smile through your mask…people know you are smiling because your eyes show it!

Best, marilyn

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