THE SECOND STORY | April 23rd, 2020

What a gorgeous day! The Sun does shine in Alameda!


I’ve been a paid subscriber of the Alameda Sun for years. Today I  picked up the paper.                Somebody wrote ‘good morning!”

How lovely!

Today’s post will be brief. Yesterday, Realtors belonging to the BayEast Association, received some stats regarding the sale of single-family homes from 4-2019 through 4-2020. It’s pretty interesting. A few of my clients want to know what’s happening in the market NOW, or in the next MONTH. I have no crystal ball. If I did, I’d be very rich. Hit the link below!

March 2019-20 Alameda Detached Single Family Homes

My 14th Annual Shredding Party will be May 2, 9-1pm at my house! Bring whatever can be shredded! NO COST to you!! Bring Friends! All donations will be given to Alameda Meals on Wheels! And I’ll match those donations! Follow the rules…wear masks and use 6′ physical distancing! 

New and Coming Soon 4 (a new category for the MLS!)

Active 25

Pending 10

Sold 7

Get your stuff together. It’s the shredding time of year!

Best, marilyn


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