THE SECOND STORY | March 12th, 2020

Sunshine, sunset….

My friend and I go out bike riding on Monday’s, late in the afternoon, it’s dark when it’s winter. But it’s glorious when the time changes, in March.

I was talking to some friends this week, and they told me that we voted to get rid of Standard Time. WHA? When did that happen? They said we (CA) voted 2 years ago!

When in doubt, I look it up on google. So I did. And I found this statement from CA. Assemblyman Kansen Chu speaking:

“I am committed to ending the harmful practice of switching our clocks twice a year and delivering on the voter’s decision at the ballot box in support of Proposition 7,” said Chu. “I share voters’ frustration that we will be shifting back to standard time on Sunday. Unfortunately, California and other states cannot move forward with permanent daylight saving time without authorization from the federal government.

“In January, I will introduce an Assembly Joint Resolution urging Congress to authorize states to practice permanent daylight saving time and continue my work to pass Assembly Bill 7 so California is ready for when Congress decides to take action.”

California is one of 14 states this year to introduce legislation for permanent Daylight Saving Time.

There are also four bills waiting in Congress that could allow California and other states to make the time shift: H.R. 1556, S. 670, H.R. 1601, and H.R. 2389. Congress has until December 2020 to act on those bills.

On the list of important things…this may not be so high…but it is, and hopefully it will be! And get rid of the Standard Time Zone for Calif!


Alameda Real Estate this Week

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Have a great weekend!

best, marilyn



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