THE SECOND STORY | January 23rd, 2020

Weather wimps….


Rotor clouds over San Francisco, taken at the same time, as the photo below.

Cumulo nimbus clouds over San Francisco, taken on a bike ride a couple of weeks ago.

I hope everybody is staying warm, inside and outside! As I’ve said before, we’re ‘Weather Wimps’ living anywhere in CA.

Well, except for this adventure. The person that sent this to me, knows the people who flew these 2 gliders, recently, a distance of 1000 miles in a ‘wave.’ A wave is caused by high winds hitting a mountain range. Below the mountains, there’s a ton of turbulence. But once you fly into the wave, it’s perfectly smooth. Greg is/was a professional airline pilot.

I went up to Minden, Nevada (way back in the day when I was teaching flying, ferrying airplanes to various airports across the US, repossessing airplanes across the US -(the economy had made a bad downturn) and I got up to 21,000 feet: me, the soaring machine (glider), and an oxygen mask and oxygen tank and some very warm clothes. It was the ride of my life.

These pilots had a lot of info coming to them about the winds, weather, and were followed by motorhomes with sailplane trailers. If you care to, check this out:

It doesn’t have anything to do with the Alameda real estate market.



MLS=Multiple Listing Service 

AC= active contingent=the buyer needs to sell something before s(he) can complete the transaction. In this instance, another buyer might write a back-up offer. If the primary buyer can’t meet the contract deadlines, it’s bye-bye to the first buyer. And the back-up offer moves into the primary position. Be sure your agent explains all of this to you! You do NOT want to lose your deposit to the Seller.

BOM=back on the market (could be that the buyer had some conditions in the contract that s/he couldn’t meet in a timely manner).

PCH= price change (seller either raised or dropped the price)

PSB=pending sale (seller & agent wants backup offers)

REO=  real estate owned by the lender (seller may have stopped paying the lender, was behind a few months, etc. This the first time in years that I’ve added this to our list!


Broker Tour Tues 5


Active listings (includes 23 Active, 1 BOM, 1 PCH)

Pending listings (includes 18 Pending, 1PSB,  1 PNDR)

Sold listings (1)


Market Stats for Active Listings

Days on market high = 991

Days on market low = 1 (on Total Agent Network….where clients and the agent decide not to use the MLS)

Days on market average = 132

Days on market median = 20


Market Stats for Pending Listings

Days on market high = 78

Days on market low = 8

Days on market average = 19

Days on market median = 22


Market Stats for Sold Listings

Days on market high = 42

Days on market low = 0

Days on market average = 14

Days on market median = 0


Check out my ‘for fun’ blog….Boomer-chick-musings.

If you want to share what you know about the Alameda real estate market, feel free to do so! I admit I don’t know everything…..

Best, marilyn


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