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New year, old flowers that thrive, and my shredding party!

ALAMEDA Real Estate this Week

Flowers in my (winter) backyard!

The holiday break was quiet and special for me.

For Thanksgiving, I spent it with my son, his wife, their 2 kids, and their dog…who drove up from San Diego. And Evan’s best friend from Jr. 1st grade, Adam, and his family were able to come by for some putt-putt golfing in my back yard, and some pizza from LaVal’s and some Tommy Tucker’s ice cream cones. (check out my Boomer-chick-musings blog about ‘who let the dog out?’

Christmas was lovely. I drove to Napa and met up with Evan and Erin, their two kids, and her huge extended family in Napa (like many generations-worth). They flew up from SD.

Last October I took a class in San Diego to renew my Broker’s license. Four years goes by really fast! I passed 7 of the 8 classes because that’s how many the state allows you to take at once. The 8th class I took just after Christmas. January 7th (the deadline) was getting closer…argh! I passed that one as well.

But when I went online to verify what I did and when I did it, and where my office was….I had put in my home address. Because that’s where I work! When I looked closely at the license…it said I couldn’t do any of the licensed activities because I didn’t have an office! WHA?  Quick as a bunny, I called my ReMax Gold office..and asked the admin people if they could help me! Sure enough…they told me what I needed to know..and BINGO! I was legit!

All is well….and my next event will be my Annual Shredding Party! I usually do it after tax time, when we get to throw the 1993 taxes into the big truck that parks along the curb in front of my house! I’ll send out notices to remind my friends, clients, and neighbors of the event, and will publish it here, and on my FaceBook page. And you can tell your friends as well! Once I know the date, you will too!

There’s no cost to you! However, if you care to make a donation to Alameda Meals On Wheels, I will match that donation….so everybody wins! Last year I think I gave AMOW $800 +/-, besides paying for the shredding company…and buying donuts and juice for all of us. Been doing it for years, rain or shine.



MLS=Multiple Listing Service 

AC= active contingent=the buyer needs to sell something before s(he) can complete the transaction. In this instance, another buyer might write a back-up offer. If the primary buyer can’t meet the contract deadlines, it’s bye-bye to the first buyer. And the back-up offer moves into the primary position. Be sure your agent explains all of this to you! You do NOT want to lose your deposit to the Seller.

BOM=back on the market (could be that the buyer had some conditions in the contract that s/he couldn’t meet in a timely manner).

PCH= price change (seller either raised or dropped the price)

PSB=pending sale (seller & agent wants backup offers)

REO=  real estate owned by the lender (seller may have stopped paying the lender, was behind a few months, etc. This the first time in years that I’ve add this to our list!


Broker Tour Tues 3


Active listings (includes 11 New,  Active 21)

Pending listings (includes 20, 3 PSB,  1 REO – real estate owned by the lender)

Sold listings (4)


Market Stats for active listings

Days on market high = 977

Days on market low = 0

Days on market average = 131

Days on market median = 54


Market Stats for pending listings

Days on market high = 158

Days on market low = 7

Days on market average = 48

Days on market median = 38


Market Stats for sold listings

Days on market high = 10

Days on market low = 3

Average Days on market = 29

Median Days on market =  18

Enjoy 2020 (or at least realize that it can’t be that bad)! I know when I’m overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ it helps if I get myself out of the picture and see the good surrounding me.

Get hold of me if you have ???? about the market!

Best, marilyn

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