THE SECOND STORY | October 24th, 2019

S. Cal and N. Cal there is a difference….

…not about the weather, but how agents do biz.

My go-to property/pest inspector told me about the inspections that he performed last Tuesday morning, before we met at a client’s house.


Robert told me that the agent flew up from S.Cal to be present at the inspections, as did her buyers. They wanted to know immediately what was wrong with the house…because they said they needed to remove the inspection contingency, along with other contingencies that day. I believe the property was in the hills somewhere. I believed it was listed for 3 million bucks.

Robert held his ground, saying that while he takes extensive will take him about 3 days to think about the property, type up his observations, and look at the photos (which he includes in the report).

And remember, Robert is a licensed General Contractor. Few in the property inspection biz have a pest license as well  (WDO – wood destroying organisms).

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he built his 5000 sf house in Moraga, while doing home/pest inspections).

As he told me this, his thought was that they had ALREADY written an offer and that it was accepted…and now they wanted to get their licks in and knock down the price.

IMHO…a southern California agent has no business writing any offer in N. CA. (and the reverse, as well). The purchase contracts can be different, a title company does the title research, and the escrow company conducts the escrow. Plus, various locations have varying disclosures, rent-control issues, and more.

He was intuitive enough (and had been around the block a few times) to guess what the buyers were trying to do.

So Ms. S. CA….you may be walking your way into a lawsuit. OR you may be walking away from the transaction because the Sellers are being represented by a local agent. Just give a local qualified agent a referral, at leave it at that.

Just thinkin’.

Alameda Real Estate this Week


MLS=Multiple Listing Service 

AC= active contingent=the buyer needs to sell something before s(he) can complete the transaction. In this instance, another buyer might write a back-up offer. If the primary buyer can’t meet the contract deadlines, it’s bye-bye to the first buyer. And the back-up offer moves into the primary position. Be sure your agent explains all of this to you! You do NOT want to lose your deposit to the Seller.

BOM=back on the market (could be that the buyer had some conditions in the contract that s(he) couldn’t meet in a timely manner.)

PCH= price change (seller either raised or dropped the price)

PSB=pending sale (seller & agent wants backup offers)

BrokerTour Tues 9

Active listings 46 incl 5 PCH

Pending listings 45 incl 12 PSB

Sold 16

Stats for Solds this week 

Average Days on Market 104

Lowest Days on Market 4

Average Days on Market 23

Median Days on Market 13

That’s a wrap…call me and allow me to refer you to an agent(s) if you are thinking about moving out of town/area/state! I belong to the RES (Certified Residential Specialist), SRES (Seniors Residential Specialist) and those are comprised of excellent agents to make/give referrals to!

Stay cool!

best, marilyn

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