THE SECOND STORY | September 13th, 2019

Watching the ships roll in…

Action on the Alameda estuary.

I took this photo a couple of days ago. Sometimes I take a drive beyond where folks catch the west-end Alameda ferry over to San Francisco. While the city says there are 700-800 cars creating their own parking lots at ferry, I’ve never seen more than 10 cars in this ‘parking lot.’

It’s a change of scenery for me and I love it: tugboats, container ships (2 at this time: one was off-loading containers onto trucks, the other was full of containers), the ferrys, sailboats, small harbor/police boats, and usually a few guys throwing lines out to catch some fish, and lots of seagulls looking for food.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Our Fire Chief, Edmund Rodriguez, graced us with his presence at the Alameda Inforum Marketing Meeting (aka AIMM) this past Tuesday @ 8:30am.

The Alameda Chapter of the Bay East Association of Realtors meets at the Grandview Pavillion for breakfast once a month to catch up with city officials, Association leadership, other Realtors/lenders/title company reps, friends,  meet other members, and to have a lovely buffet breakfast, then head out on the Tuesday tour.

The Chief was letting us know what it’s been like to be the Head Honcho in A-town, the shifts that the firefighters have, what’s required of them (all types of issues show up: drug overdoses, illnesses, obviously fires, the training, what they wear and how much it weighs, and what the demands are for finding and retaining good men and women).

I think he said the city still had 8 firefighter positions open. Gosh, if you know somebody who is physically fit, is smart, likes variety, this could be a job s(he) could interview for!  (just sayin’.)

Broker Tour Tues 9

Active 52, (including 1 BOM, 4 PCH)

Pending 55 (including 10 PSB)

Sold 10

Sold stats for this week…

Days on Market:

63 (high)

0 Low

Average 19

Median 14


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