THE SECOND STORY | September 5th, 2019

Too many devices, too few outlets.

I went to the City Council meeting this week.  I rode my bike there. I didn’t speak at all this time. But I was watching and listening. It definitely wasn’t a packed house. Loads of seats were available. I saw several folks that I knew, and came across some long lost friends, as well.

After public remarks, when the city council was discussing the rent control issues, I think some of the council members actually went against what the city employees had recommended.

But I won’t trust what I heard until I see it in writing. Those changes have yet to be published. But I believe the council was attempting to make it a bit fairer towards the owners of rental property.

I went outside to ride my bike home, and I realized I left my helmet behind in the chambers. argh. I went up to the 3rd floor find it..a woman was waving to me. She had seen the helmet on the floor.

Too many items to keep track off: my turn indicator that fits on the handlebars…and the helmet lights up when I press either the left or right button; my speedometer/clock (all in one) that fits on my handlebars; my water bottle; my light that fits on the handlebar (has various settings from dull and steady to bright, brighter, and flashing; the bell on my handlebars (it’s quite loud); my life vest (no it doesn’t blow up) but cars/folks/pedestrians can see the bright orange color and the reflective tape.

Despite the hassle of these safety devices, I’m always glad when I get outside and ride my bike back home. It’s very quiet and still and dark.

And I have yet to figure out what the green-rimmed device is, in the middle of the photo. I think it was one of the folks who has recently worked on the house.

As I rode home, I realized it was one of the calmest council meetings I’ve attended in a while.


Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 5

Active listings 50 including 2 PCH

Pending sales 13 including 1 PSB

Sold 10

For this week’s Sold properties:

DOM (days on market) 

High 10, Low 5, Average 12, Median 12

If you have ??? I may have some answers…but let me know what you’re thinking about, in this market. Have a fun weekend!

best, marilyn


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