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I like trees. I like older trees. But I don’t like trees that are located close to or over a property line (owned by other folks), or trees that have gotten so huge that they become a danger to people or to property.

As I’ve said before, the good news is that with the heavy rains this past winter, the drought is over! The bad news is, that the drought is over.

That means it’s time to assess what’s growing where. Or what trees are dead but nobody is around to care.

Recently, I’ve seen two examples of where a tree on one lot has done damage to a sewer line running through another lot. And the other is an overgrown tree  undermining other folks’ pavement and even undermining the tree owner’s garage.  However, both of these owners own units, live out of town, and seem to subscribe to the saying ‘If I don’t see it then I don’t know about it.’

I asked permission to go over to one owner’s property with a Certified Arborist and we were shocked at what we saw: 2 super tall dead trees and the yard was a mess. Garbage bins were strewed all over. Obviously, the property manager never looked at it. And the tree that started this, was outgrowing the dirt around it, crammed next to the garage, with branches hanging well into 3 neighbor’s yards.

Enough complaining. On to the next item.

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