THE SECOND STORY | July 25th, 2019

Traffic jam…bridges up!

I happened to be at Bay Farm Island on a workday. It was about 5pm and a sailboat (under power, no sails) came motoring through. It’d been a while since I’ve seen these bridges up.

I usually try to avoid the bridges at certain hours: like early morning and late afternoon rush hours. The blessing is that I do have some flexibility, living and working here.

But when I travel out to Pleasanton, for some Realtor meetings or classes…whoa! That’s a whole new ball game. I just pray that nobody gets into an accident and that the drivers will settle down and move slowly, should there be an accident. Slowly beats totally stopped.

Oh, and I’ve learned to take the side streets coming back from Pleasanton. They’re much better than the freeways.  And then I can go to Costco in San Leandro! And I’ll finish my adventure by going over the BFI bridge, back home to A-town.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tuesday tour 14

Active listings 50, including 1 AC (active/contingent), 2 BOM (back on market), 4 PCH (price changes)

Pending 69

Sold 20

That’s a wrap…slow down, smell the flowers, get rejuvenated. The one thing that I’d like to do is to wash my car. It’s disgusting. And while the folks at the South Shore Car Wash do a good job ($30+ bucks), the CADEAU is a mess again with bird poop, and who knows what else in less than 1 day. Oh well.

If you have ??? about this market, so do I. The good news is that my Buyers purchased a lovely townhome on the lagoon, this past Tuesday. There were 7 offers. It should close within the next 2 weeks or less. It’s so nice to be referred to lovely people, by a lovely ‘used-to-be agent.’

best, marilyn

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