THE SECOND STORY | July 18th, 2019


-Berkeley/Albany Buyer Needs a Place to Cook with Lot for Days

-Oakland/Berkeley Buyer Needs Public Transport or High Cool

-Oakland/Berkeley Buyer Needs Yard and 1.5 miles to BART

These are three samples of many emails I get each week (actually each day). These are from a group that is known as Total Agent Network and some agent needs to recommend another agent so she/he can be part of it.

For the most part, many agents get that some these agents look like idiots. (IMHO).

-Look at what they wrote…

-“Buyer needs a place to cook with Lot (from the Bible?), or a large lot for days at a time?”

-“Buyer needs public transport or High Cool?” Is cool missing an ‘s’ at the beginning of the word ‘cool?’

-“Buyer needs yard and 1.5 miles to BART. ” No house, just a lot with a yard, and it needs to be 1.5 miles from BART?

I encourage all of my clients to NOT have me list their property on this site. I’d rather we use the MLS so the world (as necessary) is told that their property is on the market.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Alameda is a small town. If you whisper a secret on Park Street, in 10 minutes the secret will be on Webster.

Same with selling a house…somebody, either on Park St. or Webster, will say they would have paid a lot more than the Buyers did. And then the Sellers will feel ripped off, because the property wasn’t fully exposed to the market.


Roses from my front yard.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 17

New 17

Total active 64 (including 1 Active-Contingent and 3 Price Changes)

Total pending 65

Sold 13

OK…have a nice weekend. You deserve it!

Best, marilyn



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