THE SECOND STORY | July 11th, 2019

Random summer A-town thoughts…..


+I was fast asleep (well, I thought I was), and I heard the garbage trucks coming up and/or down the street.

Usually, I put the green, blue, and gray bins out on a Wed. night, for an early Thursday pickup. But last Thursday was Independence Day. Nah, they’d take the day off.

OMG! I felt like I was back in 3rd grade. Hauling the cans out (that’s what they were back then), chasing the truck down the street because my oldest brother and I didn’t put them out the night before.

I got up…hauled the bins out…just in case. I went back to bed.

It wasn’t a dream. The ACI folks had emptied them! And they came back the next morning…knowing that lots of the bins weren’t out the evening before. One big hurrah for ACI (Alameda County Industries).

+And speaking of bins….I cleared out my car trunk this week. Threw a bunch of stuff away…and then I came across 2 mini fire extinguishers. The indicator said they were nearly empty.

I called the folks @ Alameda Fire Extinguishers (the company that recharges the 7 extinguishers this building)…and found out that the Kidde’s were recalled maybe 10 years ago. How long had I had them? Where did I even get them?

So I got a lesson on how to use the new one…and it will work. I Hope I never need it.

+Hot fun in the summertime! BTW…the Safeway @ South Shore, had a gas leak? or a fire? Everybody was evacuated and the AFD was crawling all over the roof. Good thing they didn’t have those Kidde’s.

+Oh, and if you went to the Jamestown (who owns South Shore Center) presentation Tues between 5-7pm, or Wed between 7-9am, let me know what you thought of it.

This is where they were supposed to make a good impression of their projected changes. It was held in a clear tent-like thing, close to McDonalds. There were no seats. (I thought it was a presentation.) There was nobody from Jamestown presenting their ideas to the whole group.  They had some light snacks, and some wine (I don’t drink alcohol). And their flyers looked like blown-up website photos. And BTW….this project is supposed to include 1215 multi-family housing units. How are they supposed to get these folks off and on this island, and on landfill? One representative told my friend, that liquefaction wasn’t a problem.

Just some random thoughts…

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 8

New this week 24

Total Pending 67

Sold this week 11

That’s a wrap! 

best, marilyn

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