THE SECOND STORY | June 13th, 2019

Warriors… a “new” history has been made.

Culture…is what they call it. A culture that’s created, not just by the boss, the coach, sometimes it starts with the workers and but spreads to the team, so all can embrace it.

When Kevin Durant went down in the last game on the hardwood, the crowd from the Raptors cheered. Nobody needs to see or hear that. We need to think a bit more of the others than of our selves…and almost every pro doesn’t want to see a pro injured.

Tonight was the final game of the season.  Final game @ Oracle. Unfortunately, the Raptors won. And a couple of the Warriors got hurt…during the game.

What does this have to do with real estate? A lot. Agents are jumping from company to company. Companies are eating up their prey. I even have to ask agents (with whom I’ve worked for years)….where have you planted your license? Good thing I did…one h had made another less than 2 weeks? YIKES!

A couple of these companies I met within the last week.

I am so tired of the “rah-rahs…we can do this for you, just join our happy crowd.”

I’m over it. I love where I’m at and what the companies provide for me and, hopefully, they receive some benefits from working with me as an independent contractor.

The reason I say ‘companies’….Fusion is one company (and I left Harbor Bay Realty after being with them for 25 years). However, after 5 years….Fusion decided that they wanted to expand their biz to other small businesses: marketing, advising, database updating, etc.

I still receive all of the benefits from Fusion: my wonderful weekly meeting with my advisor Amy, my annual marketing plan (they do it and I know it’s done), pulling together my database, a weekly video chat with our Founder, James Becker, boosting  FB posts and even this week, a new member of the team has been added.

Fusion morphed their agents with ReMax Gold. Not nearby…but the staff is excellent.

ReMax Gold, “Coffee with the Brokers” (this past week), the 3 Brokers went over the Analysis of a Lawsuit. I usually partake in is and it was awesomely terrific.

This is what a broker needs to provide to its agents.

Oh, but have good time partying out there.


Tues tour 12 

Total active 38, including 1 BOM, 4 PCH

Total pending 65

Total sold this week 8

Let me know of questions you may have about this crazy market.

best, marilyn



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