THE SECOND STORY | May 16th, 2019

“As Is” does not mean….

…” in ignorance.”

This applies to both Buyers and Sellers.


Buyers are sometimes willing to overlook what they don’t read or what they don’t see because they’re so excited about getting a property.

Sellers are sometimes willing to overlook the obvious because they’re used to whatever it is (dangling electrical outlets, deep scratches on the hardwood floors, carpets/rugs covering up what they don’t want to see, water stains under sinks, on the ceilings, roofs that need patching or a new layer, or items that require permits but they don’t have them (it was a do-it-yourself job, or I didn’t know that, or whatever).

This is why we get inspections upfront these days by proven professionals (sometimes they may have a current General Contractors license). Many inspectors don’t have a GC (like most of them).

-These inspections allow the Sellers to be informed about what is happening currently in their property (before they put it on the market, even though they’re “used to it” and want to sell it ‘as is’).

-These inspections allow the Buyers to be informed about what is happening in places they won’t necessarily go…like the crawl space, like looking up the chimney, climbing on the roof (let the experts do this stuff).

I think I mentioned that I had both pest and property inspections done on this old beast of a house within the last year. And then things happened that I couldn’t easily see, much less anticipate, in the crawlspace (the cast iron sewer pipes – very, very old- were dripping), the sump pump (was pumping in what should have been pumped outside) and more.

And this is where I remind you, that you need to plan on spending 1% per year, of the current market value (not what you paid for it when you first bought it). It’s a job, not a hobby,  to get things fixed, repaired, replaced. Hire known professionals.

To that end…I’ve been keeping a list of my clients who have contacted me regarding vendor recommendations since October of 2018. And at the same time, before I let them know who to call…I’ll pick up the phone and call them myself, (after normal biz hours), and leave a message to see if they’re still in biz. And some of those vendors pick the phone up during the off-hours! Now that’s dedication! And the stories…are quite amazing that they share with me in those off-hours.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Marilyn, get a life.’ Yep, and I think the life I have is quite decent, even sometimes, I think it’s the best!

(BTW, I’ve given out over 40 vendor names to clients and to those who aren’t clients but are referred to me.)

Alameda Real Estate this Week

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The rain! Enough! The plants are now growing and flowers are blooming!

Enjoy your weekend!

best, marilyn


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