THE SECOND STORY | May 2nd, 2019

On the road to Sacto….for Legislation Day

A lot of Realtors (members of the leadership team, and members of our Local Government Relations committee) showed up yesterday for Legislation Day in Sacto. We had our state annual meeting close to the Capitol, and in the afternoon, we all tromped over to meet with our Legislators…in our case, it was Rob Bonta. We showed up to be sure that our electeds know that we stand for personal property rights.

Governor Gavin Newsom as he walked by….

It was a very long Wednesday, for most of us…I got up @ 5:15am, got to the coach (bus) @ 6:15am and arrived in Sacot @ 8:10? am. But what a lovely way to travel…no driving, some lovely breakfast bites, some laughs, and some good conversation.

The excitement was over as soon as we got on the coach to return to A-town, most of us napped or just zoned out by looking at the landscape.

I still needed to do flowers for our Wed eve church service which is always calming and inspirational.

This evening, about 6 pm I rode my bike up to the base where City Hall West is located. I attended a community ‘open house’ sponsored by the city, regarding our local rent control ordinance. It was quite good, we had the opportunity to talk with city officials and heads of departments, and chatted with others whom I hadn’t seen in a long time! Got back at just before 9pm.

Life is definitely not boring! And riding my bike back home from the base at night, was a first for me. Thank goodness I had my helmet with lights built into it, my bike light flashing, and there wasn’t too much traffic. Listening to the shipping containers being banged around on the Oakland side of the estuary, loading off and on those ships, was rather amazing.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 10

New 12

Active (total) 28 and 1 AC

Pending (total) 46

Sold 17

That’s a wrap! Enjoy this sunshine. If you are wondering about what the market is like…let me know…and we can have an honest discussion about it! Remember, I don’t have a crystal ball!

best, marilyn

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