THE SECOND STORY | March 28th, 2019

Shredding Party and Alameda Meals on Wheels

It was a beautiful day for the Shredding Party – absolutely gorgeous! People were able to dump and run, and others were hanging around making small talk: about their lives, vacations, trips, A-town, and other issues that involve most of us. The front steps were host to many of us…as others went inside and found fruit, donuts, and juice.

All of the donations amounted to $955 for Alameda Meals on Wheels.

Electrical box, southeast corner of Central   and Walnut, close to Alameda High School.


Rosemary, the lovely woman who has run the office for over 15 years, has lived in Alameda a lot longer than I have, knows who’s who (inside AMOW and all over the town). She told me that AMOW has no funding from the county or state, and runs a deficit of $17,000 per month were it not for the donations.

She also let me know that 2 volunteers, in separate instances, each found a person down (on the floor) while delivering the meals, and unable to get up. In each case, they may have died had AMOW not showed up. They immediately called for an ambulance.

Another attendee, a woman (who I didn’t know), saw my FaceBook post about the Shredding Party that morning, came over with her stuff, and proceeded to repost it to her friends once she shredded!

All good, all amazing. And both Rosemary and I shared stories about Alameda, including her friend who spent some time with her, and saying it was the most calming part of her trip was the 24 days in “Mayberry by the Bay.” Her friend’s words, not ours.


Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 5

New 9

Total active, including 1 PCH  32

Total pending  51

Total sold this week 14

Do you have questions about the market? So do I! I do not profess to know it all…but I’m happy to share what I know, if you want to converse about it!

best, marilyn

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