THE SECOND STORY | March 14th, 2019

History tells us…now what do we do with it?

Saturday, March 23! 9am – noon! Bring your stuff to shred, watch it get ground up into bits, have a couple Lee’s Donuts (just ordered them), some juice, some fruit, jaw around for a while, and off you go!

If you read this and haven’t gotten an invite,

let me know…

and you’re invited! Bring friends! It’s free to all!

And any and all donations will go to Alameda Meals on Wheels…and will be matched by me!


My masterful webmeister fixed what was wrong last week when I couldn’t post anything!

Thank you,  Stuart! See you and family at the Shred Party!

I’ve been to a couple of meetings this past 2 weeks with the Bay East Association of Realtors, with our Alameda Local Government Relations Committee, and with our local (Realtor) Alameda Inforum, where we often have a guest speaker.

The first meeting was with local elected officials from all over the East Bay. This was my second year attending this event. It was as fascinating as the first time…when the Mayors, Vice Mayors, Council members, and City Managers were able to look at the California Real Estate stats for 2018. And get a clue about what we are all facing..pricing, housing inventory, spending hours in the car or  public transit.

Yep..there’s a real housing shortage. Yep, the freeways are packed with cars going somewhere (usually to jobs) very slowly. Yep, we have school issues. Yep, we have budget deficits.

But this event is one way to let them know we can be partners to help remedy these items.

Many of the Realtors at this meeting, knew that the market made a shift, downward, in June, 2018. I had a listing that felt that severely.  It was listed for 780K, had a price drop to 769K, and while the open houses were busy…there were no offers. Finally, an offer came in for 720K, and my Seller countered it for 749K (I think) and the Buyers came up to 729K.

And that’s when I knew (and the stats now showed us) that June was a turning point: more days on market, more price reductions, less bidding up, and Buyers found some relief. And just this past Tuesday, at our Alameda Inforum Marketing Meeting, the stats showed us the same thing.

Here’s the deal…IMHO the price reductions start at the top of the market (those listed for the most $$$), and while those prices are coming down, those on the lower end of the market are still climbing.

We (Realtors) only work off history, and we don’t have a genie to guide us into the future. But looking behind us, we need to face the facts.

BTW, we had 1 offer on the listing I have at Bali Lane…and now it’s pending as of yesterday.

Alameda Real Estate this Week!

Alameda Tues Tour 11

Total active listings 46 including 1 BOM

Total pending listings 42

Total sold this week 12

Questions? I may not have the answers, but I may be able to find somebody who does!

best, marilyn


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