THE SECOND STORY | February 14th, 2019

I guess the drought is over….

It’s been raining a lot. This afternoon it was hailing. But when the clouds show up, after the rain, it can be pretty spectacular.

When I was driving home from Pleasanton about 10 days ago (no, I don’t do real estate out there, but I do attend meetings at the Bay East Association of Realtors…and I’m on a committee for the Alameda Chapter of Bay East…the LGR…Local Government Relations for A-town).  I was looking up and it reminded me of when I used to fly gliders and airplanes out of Fremont (at Sky Sailing Airport).

Clouds streets…that’s when the puffy clouds (cumulus) line up, along or on top of the hills, mountains (ridge lines), and glider flying becomes… SOARING!

You can make a few turns under a cloud and then straighten out, put the nose of the plane down (to gain speed) and get to the next cloud street, and do it again. And again. And again. Maybe you’ll have a destination, like Vacaville: you’ll take a photo of the airport there, (no cell phones in that era) and head back. Or you may run out of lift, and you might land in a field (not too many of those around the East Bay these days).

I was flying gliders out of Minden, Nv. and Carl, my husband, was crewing for me. And I landed on top of a small flat cliff in the middle of nowhere (the Carson Valley). We had radios, but nothing like today.

And I actually saw him drive by me about 2 miles away, on the road, below me. I started to figure out how I could camp out in the glider. I would be a long, cold night…but doable. Most pilots have a backup plan when they’re flying anything with wings. And I did have a plan (which included food, water, and warm clothes). But maybe he’d have a towplane get in the air and find me on the plateau before darkness arrived. But somehow he found me…and we de-rigged the glider and headed back to Minden.

What’s this got to do with real estate? Maybe more than you might think. What if…this happens…what if an earthquake hits when you’re selling or buying? What if? What if?

Often folks need to quiet their thoughts…but they can’t ignore them.

A good real estate agent can calm them down…or even say…”it’s okay to walk away” (when a deposit is not at risk). Every transaction, every showing is different. And that’s why great agents could be like pilots…overcoming obstacles…to get just the right property for their clients.

OMG…a woman doing a survey for the FAA just called me. She wanted to know what I thought about the FSS (flight service station) at OAKLAND airport. I told her I hadn’t flown in years…so I wouldn’t be the best person to answer her questions! What a coincidence!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

I have a pending sale on my listing @ 1151 Admiralty Lane, that happened 2 nights ago. We had 3 offers.

Broker Tour Tues  10

New 16

Pending 11 including 3 PBO (want backups), 1 PSLA (needs lender approval – short sale/foreclosure)

BOM (back on market) 1

PCH (price change) 1

Sold 9

Total Active 38

That’s a wrap…carry on! Let me know if you have ???s about the market. I’ll try to answer them..

best, marilyn

Shredding Party is Saturday, March 23 9-noon!

It’s free to all and if you’re so inclined, donations to Alameda Meals on Wheels will be accepted and I’ll match what you give to AMOW!

2 postcards will be going out via snail mail!

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