THE SECOND STORY | January 31st, 2019

Modern Family…Phil Dunphy is my hero.



Phil Dunphy (Modern Family) cracks me up. He’s a Realtor (actually an actor in S. CA). And in this week’s episode, he was very frustrated…showing over 200 houses (high-end ones at that), over the years to a rich guy, who wouldn’t spend his money.

Let’s get real….agents like to eat while on tour. Not they go out to eat….but they like to eat free food:  that they can get and grab while at an open house on the tour (Tuesdays), and while talking to others about issues of the day…like the Super Bowl or the local weather.

Some of the hosts (listing agents) offer food. It’s been a long time since I’ve offered food. It’s the property that should be attractive (in price), or has been completely re-made or reinvented.

I was alone this week, for almost an hour…hosting a home on the Broker Tour. Then 18 agents showed up during the last hour. Maybe they’d been fed by other agents. But they were very kind about what they saw at the property. “Hey, Mikey, they like it!”

I have enough to do, so I don’t feed the agents…for like decades. Besides, who wants to clean up after those agents? Not me. It takes weeks and/or months, to get a property ready for the market. Let’s keep it that way.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour 9

New 9 (See the Content Box to the right of this that features my new listing @ 1151 Admiralty Lane. Single level, 2bd, 2bath, patio, townhome, w/ 2 car garage.

Total Active 41, including 2 AC (active contingent), and 5 PCH (price changes)

Total Pending 35

Sold 9

I’ll be at 1151 Admiralty Lane (Bay Farm Island, Islandia townhomes) on Sunday 2-4pm for an open house. Come on by…..rain or shine!

best, marilyn

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