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There’s a lot to be said for homeownership.

  1. You think you own it..(actually you own when you pay all cash, otherwise the bank owns it).
  2. You think it’s perfect (and it very well may be) but then you want to change something.
  3. Or you think everything is all right…until these items (or something like them) happen:

Now I’m speaking for myself (and these items took place within the last 4 months).

  • My dishwasher won’t drain.
  • My washing machine drains onto the laundry room floor.
  • The handyperson, who was referred to me, said he fixed the dishwasher. Not so much.
  • The guy (an appliance pro that I’ve used before) who installed my new dishwasher, pulled out the old one, and it weighed so much he could hardly move it. Turns out it was holding a bunch of water..and that’s why it didn’t drain. And he picked up the new one, too! We have a winner!
  • The guy who was supposed to fix the handle on my escape ladder, said he’d come back to install the new handle..and he never showed up. I guess the 300 bucks I paid him was enough to make him disappear.
  • The same guy who did a great job and replaced my dishwasher, added a new gasket to the washing machine. No more leakage, seepage.
  • My roofer (who also did my solar installation) always comes by once per year, after the first rain. The carriage house definitely needed a new roof..and I noticed some of the granules flaking off. His crew came over and it was done in 3 days..and he checked all the gutters and the house roof. He no longer takes new business, but I’m so glad he was referred to me by a neighbor, who also used to work with me at Harbor Bay Realty, when it existed.
  • I decided to get an excellent company,  NBI (National Building Inspections), to do a pest and property inspection on this old beast of a house. Results? No too bad, especially since the last time I did these inspections was about 30 years ago when we bought this place. I recommend them to my clients, as well.

I wanted to replace 5 toilets in this building, and one of the furnaces went dead. The NBI inspector recommended these folks:  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mr. Sparky (electrical), and One Hour Heat and AC. These companies are great! They showed up within their window of time, they had uniforms on, their trucks explained who they were, and because I joined their Home Protection Club, they waive the service call ($59 but that doesn’t include any labor or materials).

The good news is that I’ll never refer a person who doesn’t do at least a good job, for my clients! I don’t want them to experience what I’ve been through. And it’s worth every penny to pay to fix these items so my clients/friends won’t need the ‘sinking heart and empty wallet’ feeling.

Back in the day, I used to send out a vendor referral list. Too many things have changed too quickly to do that these days. We’re all in this together. IF you have a recommendation for a vendor, who does good work, let me know! And let me know of those disasters you may have faced.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 5

New 5

Pending 7

Sold 3

Total active 42

(includes 4 active contingent and 1 price change)

Total pending 34

I’m done!

Call, text, em me if you have comments or questions!

All good, all of the time!

best, m

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