THE SECOND STORY | January 10th, 2019

Sellers: you’re moving on….Buyers: you’re moving in….

Biking w/ my grandson in A-town! Photo by                     my son, on his bike.

Amazing how many folks go out in the driving rain to see open houses. That tells me they are a bit serious! I was holding 2515 Central Ave #103 open! Offers will be entertained anytime after this Sunday’s open house. And we’ve had quite a few private showings as well!

I received a couple of questions today from the husband of a couple I’m working with. He wanted to know what work should be done before they put the house on the market. We had the inspections and they turned out quite well.

Here was my response:

Most houses are sold ‘as is’ unless there’s an issue that Buyers want fixed….BUT if that’s the case, then I’d suggest you offer a credit ($) to the Buyers, against their closing costs, and then they can be in charge of correcting the issue. You’re moving on…they are moving in. You (mostly) don’t care, they do. 

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour 8

New 13

Active/contingent 4

Back on market BOM 1

Sold 4

Total active 31

Total pending 27

Do you have questions? I may have some answers for you.  IMHO. 

Come by and see/meet me Sunday 2-4 2515 Central Ave #103!

best, marilyn

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