THE SECOND STORY | October 26th, 2018

Ethics = Adherence to the unenforceable.  my ‘for fun’ blog – check it out!

I attended a class in Maine many years ago. Rushworth Kidder taught the class. His book is ‘How Good People Make Tough Choices’ is an excellent read. I wanted to hear him and I wanted to learn.

This past Wednesday and Thursday, I was part of a group of Realtors at a leadership meeting in Santa Cruz. I shared the above quote when I was called upon (out of the clear blue) by the CEO to share what I thought this group was about.

To my knowledge, nobody had heard of him or the quote. People were writing it down. It’s the best definition of ‘ethics’ that I’ve ever come across. And that’s the standard that I work towards, in my business and my life. That particular week-long class has made me aware of what’s what, and what’s not – especially in these challenging times.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 11

New 17

Pending 14

Sold 14

Total active 65 (incl 2 AC and 5 PCH)

Total pending 51

That’s a wrap for now!

Have a fun Halloween! I’ll be sitting on my front step telling the kids if they want a treat they need to do a trick for me. 


If you stop by this house in the 1500-1600 block of Clinton, check out how the dead person in the grass is shaking…YIKES!

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