THE SECOND STORY | September 27th, 2018

Ride the wave or wait for another set…

I took this photo

12-9-2009 while watching the surfers at Jaws, Maui.


Below is a (slightly modified) excerpt that I wrote to a client, who recently sold her house.

“I think the market may be going the way you want it to go. You were able to ride the wave and kick out of it nearly at the top. You may be able to paddle into a wave that won’t be so big, with lower prices rolling in. With some foresight and with the hindsight you have, it should work perfectly for all of you.”  

This is my way of comparing real estate to surfing.


Tonight I had the privilege of joining a local mortgage broker, and one of the best-ever escrow officers, for dinner! It was a thoughtful, positive, hysterical (at times) conversation.

As we were comparing notes about our businesses, we all came to the same conclusion…no thing is ever simple in real estate..always twisting and turning… and some shouting. And when it is simple….be grateful.

We need to be ready to expect the unexpected, and be able to tap into our resources for solutions…or consider anything that may be a solution. I guess that’s why I like it so much….

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Lots of new listings (the rush before the holidays), plus longer  days on the market, and more withdrawals and cancelations of the listings.

New 18

Pending 10

Sold 6

Total Active 64 (including 4 A/C, 1 BOM, 5 PCH)

Total Pending 55

Contact me if you have real estate market questions….or even if you have some comments about where the market is heading!

Best, marilyn

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