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Flood maps? In A-town? yep…..

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Alameda Flood Maps…. If you are thinking about buying, or actually own property(ies) in Alameda, this subject will affect you.

Alameda Realtors have a monthly marketing meeting. The guests at the meeting, last Tuesday, were 2 knowledgeable city engineers, trying to explain the issue in less than 1 hour: the why’s, the wherefore’s, the what-to-do’s about living in a flood plain.

Some of 94501 and 94502 are affected…not all. How will it affect those who want to dig down to expand a property’s living space? What are the rules that dictate owners need to purchase Federal Flood Insurance?

I’ve recently started including some portions of the Alameda City website, for local disclosures that the Realtors don’t have at this time:

-the flood insurance issue (this will be addressed with our Natural Hazards Disclosures (issued by various companies).

-the Federal Building (next to Crab Cove), which the Feds will be giving to the city and what it will be morphed into.

-what the School Board is doing regarding the high schools (merge or not to merge)

-what is going on with Historic Alameda High; about Paden School – those workers were working overtime on the weekends this summer….etc, etc. What about Lum School?

Lots of questions, and you could probably think of lots more. ugh.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 11

Pending 10

BOM 1 (back on market)

PCH 3 (price change)

Sold 6

Total active listings 49

Total pending sales 50

OK! Have a fun weekend! Contact me if you have questions about this shifting market. My answers may be vague, but I will do whatever is necessary to find out an answer from a party, source, person, company that I trust.

best, marilyn

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