THE SECOND STORY | August 16th, 2018

Wha’s new? I’m part of a (trade) deal!

I normally list links to properties, like New, Pending, Sold etc.

This time, I’m saying “I’m new!” Mostly nobody has noticed this, except if you read my signature at the end of any email, or maybe look real close at my FOR SALE and OPEN HOUSE signs, or at my blog posts.

For about 6 weeks I’ve been an RE/MAX Broker Associate. Those of us who hung our licenses under the Fusion Real Estate Network banner…have been sold(?) to RE/MAX Gold, which is also based out of Sacto, just like Fusion.

It’s been a very warm welcome from the ‘higher-ups’ at RE/MAX Gold and all things considered (and I never did consider this), the company has embraced us wonderfully.

Does anybody pay attention to this?

Fusion is going full blast into other industries, doing what they do best….marketing and promoting…advising biz owners about what should  or shouldn’t be done! Fusion will do it all.

The good news is that Fusion will continue to market me…with my own logo, my cards, my stationery, and with my service mark “RESULTS….exceeding the challenges.” And RE/MAX supports that because of the ‘deal.’

I’m working in Alameda just like I’ve done for decades with all of its charm: Victorians, new homes, 3 story condos, the Gold Coast elegance, and the small-town feel with the beach, boats, and windsurfers surrounding us. Plus my Transaction Coordinator, Edgar, has made the move to RE/MAX, and my Advisor, Amy, still plays a major role for me at Fusion. I love them both because they’re the best ever, and they’re part of the transaction/deal.

OK. That’s it. Let get on with the blog post.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 16

Pending 4


PCH price change 1

Sold 10

W/C withdrawn/canceled 1

Total active listings 44

Total pending listings  42

Enjoy the weekend….let me know if you have questions about the A-town market!

best, marilyn

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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!