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Movin’ & gettin’ around A-town…

In A-town it doesn’t take long to get a weather report and the traffic report. The subject deals with traffic.

Many of you have seen it…and I’m planning to try it! It’s been in place since Oct 17, 2017.

Image result for hitchhiker's thumbFrom the city website:

“The two buses run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. There are three shuttle routes that provide access to major shopping destinations and medical facilities, including:

·         Tuesdays: West Loop (between Alameda Landing and downtown Alameda), leaving the Anne B. Diament Senior Plaza at 920 Park Street and the Target Store on the hour and half past the hour

·         Wednesdays: East Loop (between Bay Farm Island, downtown Alameda and Mastick Senior Center), leaving the Waters Edge Lodge at 801 Island Drive on the hour and half past the hour

·         Thursdays: Central Loop (between downtown Alameda, Shore Line Drive and Bridgeside Center), leaving the Anne B. Diament Senior Plaza at 920 Park Street on the hour and half past the hour.

While each day’s route covers a different area of Alameda, all routes stop at these common destinations: Alameda Hospital, Alameda Main Library, Alameda Theater, Kaiser Permanente, Mastick Senior Center, and South Shore Center at Trader Joe’s / Safeway.

The service is open to all, and provides preferential seating for seniors and people with disabilities. Riders are encouraged to board the shuttles at the designated shuttle stops and to explore Alameda. Shuttle drivers can assist riders with boarding and exiting the shuttle, securing wheelchairs, and carrying up to five bags of groceries or a folding shopping cart.

These shuttle services are funded by Measures B and BB transportation sales tax dollars, which are administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission.  For shuttle schedules and for more information on this free shuttle service, please refer to the web page: 

The goal is to keep cars off the streets and folks on their feet…(or bikes)!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues Tour 10

New 22

Pending 14

BOM (back on market) 1

WT withdrawn temp 2

Sold 9

Total Active 45

Total Pending 45

Want to know if we could work together, for Selling or Buying  Alameda real estate? Give a call…the worst that can happen is either of us says….uh, not so much!

It’s about finding the right person (agent or client). And it may be worth 40-60 minutes of our time to decide if we have a mutually acceptable basis upon which to do business!

Have a great weekend! marilyn

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