THE SECOND STORY | May 3rd, 2018

2 examples of a hot market

Goslings at Crown Beach.

1252 Sherman…

…was a hot mess. It sold for $1,195,000 in Dec 2017 on a list price of 987K. In April it was listed again…and it still is/was a hot mess.  This time it was listed for $1,249,000 and sold for $1,275,000.

I was told by the agent that he found a multi-million dollar home in Tiburon. Bought it.

725 Baywood Rd

…cleaned up okay. But not many upgrades. It was listed for 879K in 7/2017. It sold for 980K a few weeks later. It was listed again in April for 980K. Now it’s pending. I was told by the agent that he found another house in Harbor Bay.

In a different environment, these Sellers would have lost a good bit of $$$. In this environment…uh, no.

Easy come….easy go….for some!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour 8

New 15

Pending 16

Sold 8

Total active listings on the market 38

Total pending listings on the market 58

I love that’s it’s light at 8pm! I was out clipping the first blooms from my roses, on Tuesday evening. Enjoy your weekend. Call if you have questions the market.

Enjoy! marilyn

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