THE SECOND STORY | March 29th, 2018

Calling all Shredders (not the snow kind…

…the PAPER kind!)

Tomorrow, SATURDAY!  9am – noon!  Bring all of your papers and watch them get shredded to bits! Stop by, say hi, jaw around for a bit, get some fruit, juice, and some donuts. And a huge bag (it’s officially an antique and/or a collector’s item….Harbor Bay Realty is no more!) But it’s new and can haul lots of stuff around!

(This picks up from last week’s post!)

11 Questions you should be asking a real estate agent! 

These may lead to more ??

    • What is the list price to sales price ratio last 60 days?
    • What is your average number of days on the market in the last 90 days?
    • What is the absorption rate of homes like mine in this area?
    • Of the listings that you didn’t sell last year, why didn’t they sell?
    • What is the percentage of time you represented buyers vs. sellers?
    • How many properties did you actually sell last year?
    • Can you give me a list of your top 10 clients with their contact information?
    • Do you do any type of work besides real estate?
    • How many people do you speak to each day about the real estate business?

Can you show me a copy of your daily schedule? (I like this one because I could show somebody my calendar but it changes day to day depending on client needs.  So I’d have to say I don’t have a daily schedule but I sure get loads of real estate done!

Results…exceeding the challenges.

Alameda Real Estate this week.

New 9

PCH price change 1

Sold 15

Total active 35

Total pending 43

Public service announcement: Bridge closings for next week!

See you @ the Shredding Party! best, m

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