THE SECOND STORY | March 22nd, 2018


11th Annual Shredding Party! 

March 31!  9am – noon!  

At my house (call me if you need the address)! 

Be there or be square! That’s a week from this Saturday!

Gather your papers together and get rid of them: safely, securely!

Come on by, have a Lee’s donut or 2, some juice, some fruit.

Take it to go..or hang out for a spell!

Oh! Get a big bag…it’s a bit of an antique…says my name (I’m not the antique) but it also says Harbor Bay Realty…and that’s history!

A bit of education today…in my humble opinion…

LET’S TALK ABOUT REAL ESTATE MYTHS…part 1 of 3 or 4 or more!

These are subjects you may want to discuss with other agents you may be interviewing.

Business should be based on mutual trust, experience, communication, listening.   The business of selling your property is all personal.  And the extensive repeat and referral business I have shows the importance of personal, accountable relationships.

Local company, out of town…it doesn’t matter. Why have a local agent rather than one from out-of-town?   

A GREAT local agent: 

-knows the market (inside and outside)

-has access to the terms of closed sales because of peer relationships/connections

has a positive reputation among your neighbors, citizens, and peers

is easily accessible

is accountable 

-subscribes to the multiple listing service

-knows the city: the issues, the ordinances, the people, the processes (such as sewer laterals, transfer taxes, special taxes, schools, City Hall contacts, local vendors, trades people, crafts people, specialty vendors)

-knows city trends

-works full time and that includes seeing a variety of properties

-understands what offer strategy works best for a particular listing and explains ALL of your options to you.

A GREAT agent listens to you and asks lots of questions about YOU. And will admit when s(he) doesn’t know everything but will work to find answers for you.

Alameda Real Estate this week

Broker Tour Tues 11

New listings 14

Pending listings 7

Sold listings 13

Total active listings 38

Total pending listings 50

That’s a wrap! We may have a bit of a respite for a day…and then more rain! Be careful out there!

best, marilyn  Take a quick read!

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