THE SECOND STORY | March 15th, 2018

More stuff for the earthquake box..

I hate to harp on this…but be prepared and you won’t be bummed out.

Small bags holding items you may not think much about..unless you are in an earthquake!

While cleaning out my bathroom drawers and cabinets this past week, (have drawers will fill), I was grateful for the small things….the mini toothpaste tubes, the toothbrushes, and unbreakable mini mouthwash bottles that your dentist gives you when you show up for the once per year visit.

How about the mini shampoos and conditioners and the hand cleaners that the hotels want to have you take away as part of your ‘departing’ gifts? Now you have a reason to keep them!

Just toss those items into sturdy, waterproof plastic bags and toss them into your earthquake grab-bag, or EQ backyard box. And along with those, I found 2 First-Aid kits – one will stay in my bathroom, and the other will go in the box!

I hope they will remain in their ‘new’ locations, for as long as I’ve had them in my own home…and I hope I don’t have to use them. Carry on!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

I’ve had an open house on the past two Sundays, and between those, I had a broker tour for my listing at 1633 Clinton. (link to the drone shoot). Here’s a link to the virtual tour.

OMG! The open houses were swamped…with friendly neighbors, with curiosity seekers, with looky loo’s, and with some real buyers. We received 7 offers today. Stayed tuned!

New 8  including an REO (bank owned/real estate owned/foreclosed on).


Pending 1

Sold 8


Total Active on the market 31

Total Pending on the market 56  (including 2 requiring lender approvals)

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the rain!

best, marilyn

PS  My 11th Annual Shredding Party will be March 31, 9-12!  Call me for instructions if you aren’t on my mailing list. Bring friends! Remember…82 boxes is the number to beat, set by a gal who brought all of them over for the Shred of her life! Plus it won’t cost you anything…except I do ask for donations for Alameda Meals on Wheels, if you are so inclined to give to a great cause!)

Shred on!

Feel free to give me a call if you have questions about the market.

best, marilyn  check out my other blog… 

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