THE SECOND STORY | March 8th, 2018

Be prepared…is not just a Girl Scout or a sex slogan.

Brick Brickwork Ruin Broken Decay Collapse

This is what our foundation was like in 1988: nothing but bricks! We got this taken care of ASAP once we closed on the property. Our foundation was complete by Sept., 1989. And then the next month we had a major earthquake, centered in Loma Prieta (60 miles south of SF).

Our kids were playing soccer when that happened, and I was showing property. I think the house was on Walnut. And of course, those folks were visiting their daughter (to whom I had sold a house) and they wanted to move to CA.

Well, they’d never been through anything like that…and shortly after they returned back to FL. with no intentions of moving to CA.

One of my good friends has been saying that they are rockin’ and rollin’ in Danville, these days. I say, a bunch of small quakes seems to relieve the pressure from a big quake.  But I’m no seismologist.

I was recently talking via Skype to daughter, Sutter, and her hubby, Sean, who live in Christchurch, New Zealand. We got talking about what we have for earthquake preparedness. They went through the 6.3 quake in Christchurch in 2011. (See the photo below.)

I won’t tell you about what you need to have during an event like this. Google can tell you what you need to know.

Even the residents in our apartments are waking up to what they need to get!

I added some more stuff to the waterproof, weather resistant box we have in our backyard..and it was the first time I’d looked in there for probably 3 years! But I have a KQED backpack in my car ($15 a month for a year will get you one of these). Here’s a link to see what you need in any emergency.

Do it now! Then tell me about what you did to be prepared while at my Shredding Party, on March 31, 9-noon! Of course, all that you bring to shred onsite (my house) is free to you and your friends! The truck comes to us, and will shred what you have onsite!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 13

Pending 3

Sold 11

W/C withdrawn/ canceled 1

Total Active Listings this Week 31

Total Pending Listings this Week 53

That’s a wrap! Come on by and see me at my new listing 1633 Clinton! Sunday will be the second open house 2-4pm.

Look to your right and see the photos, virtual tour, and the drone photography!

best, marilyn

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