THE SECOND STORY | February 22nd, 2018

Quick decisions… real estate

I’m coveting my neighbor’s spinning wheels!

I’m so tempted to get one of these! I took a video of the wheels spinning in opposition..but WordPress doesn’t allow me to insert videos. Bummer….

Story of the Week….and over the years….

Bob and his wife, Patti, bought a house through me in 1999. Wonderful people! In 2005, they asked me to do a CMA (comparative market analysis) for them. That’s when they asked me to send them my Alameda weekly update. (No blogs back then).

They started doing some work on that property and then I sold that house for them in 2007. They headed back to Florida.

We’ve stayed in touch all these years: through my husband, Carl’s, sudden passing in 2002, and then when Patti passed on after a lengthy illness in 2014.

In 2016 he decided he’d moved back to Alameda. He wanted to rent an apartment in an older home…I referred him to some rental agents here in Alameda. And he rented a place less than a stone’s throw away from me. He had friends here and he wanted a change.

Last month he emailed me that he’d purchased a house in Texas (brings out that drawl in him). It’s on a river and comes with a dock in his backyard. WHOA! When did he do that?

“It was new on the market. Laura, the real estate lady I’m using, had a criteria setup for me as to my wants in a property. This one fit perfectly. Once I saw the photos I was pretty much sold on it. Then my friends that live there, toured the property with Laura. He called within 10 minutes and said BUY, BUY. So, wrote an offer that afternoon. Quick. Now I can’t wait to really SEE the property.”

That’s true trust. He deserves the BEST! Knowing him…it will be perfect…and if it’s not quite right…he’ll make it perfect! Good luck, Bob! (And I told him I’d maybe write about his adventures. And I just did.)

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker tour Tues 11

New 16

Pending 1

Sold 7

W/C withdrawn/canceled 1

Total active on the market 36

Total pending on the market 48

If this is a first time that you’ve seen my blog…bookmark it! I hope I can give you some local (or not) real estate tips in A-town! Or tell some folks who want to know a bit more about the city we live in…and don’t forget to ask me about vendor referrals. I have vendors that know me and I trust.

Or you can let me know of disasters with vendors….we learn, and by sharing, we get smarter and wiser.

Have a great weekend! best, marilyn

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