THE SECOND STORY | February 15th, 2018

Alameda summer in the winter.


Shoe tree @ Alameda Point, next to the estuary, near the basketball courts and ferry.

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Last week my friend, Meredith, and I rode our bikes west on Shoreline, then over the mini bridge at Ballena Bay to the tip of that small peninsula. Then we turned around and biked over to the ‘ready reserve’ fleet, where the aircraft carrier (the Hornet) is based. Called Alameda Point these days (aka Alameda Naval Air Station), we rode around Spirit Alley (I call it alcohol alley), over to the estuary, and then back around the horrible housing (which is scheduled to get rebuilt), if I understand the projected plans.

BUT…I looked up and found this shoe tree where there are basketball courts and pick up games. I’m not sure if these are the shoes that the losers lost or whether the winners lost. The ‘tree’ is a light post.

We got back well after dark, but it was a gorgeous end-of-day-into-night ride.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

I had the opportunity to get outta town for about 5 hours this week…when I visited a couple of homes for sale in San Leandro, after I stopped off at the San Leandro City Hall. I went to the City Hall because I could not find how to get the permit histories online. Turns out nobody can do that.

So, I needed to drive to the San Leandro City Hall (it’s very nice), parked my car (thank goodness it was free), then went in the side door, asked the attendant about how I could get the info online, only for this lovely young woman (who was the BEST multi-tasker EVER) to explain that they don’t have the info online.

I spent over 2 hours in front of the only computer (thank goodness there was no line when I got there, but there was a line when I left), trying to read/interpret/decipher permits for two properties. Then I had to pay $1.15 cash for each page of the 12 pages I printed. REALLY?

Now I really appreciate what A-town has done for its citizens regarding using the tools we now have at our home/office desks. Plus, I think those city employees would rather get their work done than mess with folks like me in person. Thank you, Building Official Greg McFann, and his team in the department.

Broker Tour Tues 8

New 13

Pending 2

Sold 3 

Total active 29

Total pending 43

That does it for this week’s blog. Contact me if you have ???’s!

best, marilyn

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