THE SECOND STORY | February 1st, 2018

Assume…nothing. Get the credit.

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One would assume (and we know what assume means – ass out of u and me), that  agents would know how the game of real estate is played. When 100’s of thousands of $$$, sometimes 1,000,000’s of $$$, are at risk, the agents should know what to expect.

After 3 or 4 offers, and getting beaten up by the market, my clients were one of 10 offers on house that had just been put on the market. The Sellers countered back 6 of those offers. My clients were the ones who got the house.

Because the Sellers did not want to pay for any inspections before the property came on the market, I told my Buyers to put an inspection contingency into the contract. And because the agent/Sellers didn’t get the HOA documents in a timely manner, I told my clients that they also needed to have that contingency in the contract as well.

Time of year to get out my tool bucket!

Bottom line…and I tell this to all my Sellers….in this market (actually in most up or down markets), the last thing you need is to have your house BOM (back on market). The rush of Buyers have already been in the house, and no doubt, the price will be comin’ down. Now the Sellers need to start over again? Not so much.

I told my clients that this was the perfect time to have the Sellers pay for the damage (not necessarily viewable by the untrained eye) that was discovered by the inspections. Over $15,000 worth of damage; add to that the HOA violation which would cost my buyers over $1500.

That approximate dollar amount was what the Buyer’s closing costs were. So they asked for, and received, a credit from the Sellers toward their closing costs.

When a house goes on the market, and the Sellers are literally moving on…the last thing any Buyers would want is to have the Sellers correct anything! Mentally, the Sellers have been gone for a long time!

This is one of several scenarios, of what went wrong for these particular Sellers. Not my problem. I was representing the Buyers. Happy clients!

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Questions about the local market? Ask me! I may not have the answer right away, but I’ll find somebody who may!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! uh, who’s playing?

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